How to empower Intention of manifestation with Mantra Shakti

We have two powers, Soul has two powers. One is intention, another is attention. Wherever we intent and focus our attention our energy flows to that direction. So in Siddha Mind Power we talk about how to use mantra and intention to make manifest what we want. So always you make an intention, the Sankalpa about what you want in your life. Before Shree Vidya you can do, or Bagalamukhee or any sadhana you are doing, make an intention to whwre your  spiritual energy should go directly. So once I make  a sankalpa or intention, then I visualise or do the sadhana and then I visualise what I want then I chant the mantra. Minimum 3 times you have to chant the mantra because 3 is the number of manifestation. I want to infuse my  conscious mind,  sub conscious mind  and Super  conscious mind or my dream, sleep and awaking state with Divine Mother’s energy.  So minimum 3 times I have to chant and visualise. When I visualise, I have to see as if it is happening in my inner world.In this way, I am communicating with my sub conscious mind. It is very important. Only 5 percent of our mind is conscious mind,  95 percent is sub conscious. So if we Don’t work with our sub conscious mind  we cannot bring the results. No matter how much you are doing or visualizing but if you do not believe in your visualisation and don’t impress your sub conscious mind you cannot able to bring the results. So, visualize and chant the mantra for minimum 3 times. At least 3 times you have to visualize and minimum 3 times you have to chant in between. So visualisation is something you know, where my sub conscious mind  is involved,  I am impressing my sub conscious mind, then I chant the mantra, Divine power of Mother is also there, I am intending and giving my attention, so my soul power is also there. So I am working in my conscious and sub conscious level, in soul level and in universal level. At all levels  I am working and influencing. Then I am sending there my thought, my manifestation,  my energy- my child, every thought is your child, every manifestation is your product, you know, you are going to send it. So whenever I put the energy of Divine Mother to my manifestation,  it becomes thousand times more powerful.

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