How to make Sankalp & its Importance?

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji


Sankalp means intention. Our soul has two powers—one is the intention, and the other one is attention. If I make a Sankalp consciously, Sankalp means consciously I intend what I want. For example, I want to have a job; I am aware of my energy, my personality, I am aware of everything. Then I make a Sankalp describing the salary, environment, type of job, facilities, and any other details. We need to make this Sankalp consciously. This exercise needs to be done consciously before the stotra, meditation or pooja. So that wherever the attention goes, there the energy will go. So, when I do the Sankalp for this pooja, all the energy created by this abhisheka should go to fulfil my desire. When we do the Rudra Abhishek, they make us take a Sankalp so that the energy of the Rudra Abhishek goes to solve the problem; whose problem? The energy goes to the person doing the Abhishek, and we specify the Rashi, nakshatra and gotra. Essentially, we specify our energy blueprint to which the energy is directed. This is a very scientific process which we undertake during our daily lives.

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