I experienced a miracle after visualising Ma Lalitha in human form!

By- Sri Sadguru Siva Premanandaji


After Vancha Kalpalatha Ganapathi sadhana (VKG), I started visualising Ma Lalitha in human form. After that, I started seeing a lot of miracles in my life. Why is there so much of a difference in imagining the human form?

It is not that you are getting more results when you are visualising the human form. You are getting results because when you meditate for a long time, your karmic baggage gets removed, and things start flowing; at that time, you might have visualised mother’s human form, and you might have felt that a miracle is happening because of this visualisation. But irrespective of whether you are visualising or not, the mantra will flow because of the deeksha. So, you can try not visualising, and then you’ll see that miracles will still happen because your karmic baggage will be cleared.

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