Mastery over sexual feelings

Sri Sivapremanandaji

Whenever Kundalini is awakened  due to Sri Vidya Sadhana, due to Deeksha taken from Guru Parampara, you will see a different feeling surfacing around you, around your body, around your mind, all can be felt. Specially when Swadishtana Chakra gets activated, gets healed, gets energized, this sort of sexual feelings can be felt around your Swadishtana Chakra or around the entire body.

One of the best ways to overcome this feeling is to be detached and to watch them from a higher perception like that of the soul level –  watching your body and your feelings with the detached attitude. Then what happens?

Those feelings will be there only temporarily and then the sexual feelings will turn into bliss and then into consciousness…then you will start feeling peaceful awareness.

This is the  only way to transform such feelings or I can say energy  from lower dimension into higher dimension

This is the best skill that we need to develop to observe, to watch our thoughts, feelings and specially our emotions with the detached attitude accepting ourselves as a soul and not as a body, mind or feelings.

The Neti Neti technique holds this significance of,” I am not this…I am not this..”

This is how we learn on the path of spirituality to detach from our lower dimensions – I won’t say them as lower because these are normal  – and see it, as the truth or as the soul,  as feelings surfacing as reaction in the energy body, as reaction in the physical body, we will not be worried, we will not be disturbed by this and master such type of feelings and overcome the vibration and then we become a Siddha and we become a Yogi and walk on the path of spirituality, self realisation and got realisation, okay?


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