Miracle Divine Power is in YOU

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji


 Between father and mother, parents and children is Divine. The friendship between two people, the principle of friendship is Divine. The love between two people, lovers is Divine. The super intelligency in a human being is Divine. The breathing, the life force that is happening in this body is Divine. The warmness of the sunlight that is in this building, everything that is. The earth is rotating with its own consciousness. How it is happening? Can you explain? We are so surprised if I take this (photo) and convert this photo or make it disappear, what you feel? It is black color. How can you convert a solid item into gaseous state to air? Now I eat food okay? It is converted into muscles. It is converted into blood. It is converted into your different type of body fluids. So who is doing this? There is some force in you that is doing this. If I challenge you and ask you “I will give rice grains or cooked rice” okay? Ask you to convert it into blood, can you do that? Any scientist I challenge! Okay? Take this food and convert it into blood. Any one can do this? Any scientist can do this challenge? No way. Still we are not able to produce artificial blood perfectly. You see so many you know blood banks are there. Artificial blood banks are there. Could we able to produce real form? Never. It will be never. So who is that doing? Divine mother.

I want to tell you this truth. What we call this as Kundalini. What we call this as Prana Shakti. Okay? Jeeva Shakti. The stored Jeeva Shakti in the muladhara chakra is termed Kundalini. The one that is active working in your body is called Jeeva Shakti. The one that is running this universe outside your body is called Brahmanda Shakti, Para Shakti. But energy is One. Same energy is working in you,same energy is working outside. The one that is bringing flowers into the tree is the same energy. The one you see your body has changed from childhood to adult to different ages. Who has done this? Who has done this miracle? What is this force that is working in you? It is Divine Mother. She is in You. You need to understand this truth.

First thing you need to understand, Divine is in You and It is serving You. You see? It is your servant. Divine mother is serving you like a mother. You see? When you were a child, a baby, Mother comes as a physical form and serve you. As you grow again she serve you through working in this body. The moment she leaves this body what happens? The body becomes dead. That life force is the physical manifestation of Divine. You understand this truth. Life force in you is a physical manifestation of Divine Mother, Shakti. See Vedas say this “It is Eshwara who breathes”. Who is Eshwara? Who is breathing? You. In you that is Divine that is existed. But only thing is we are not aware or acknowledging it. That is what we are going to learn today. How to be thankful to the Divine that is working in me.

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