Permanent Happiness & Physical World of Duality

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji

 This world is duality. Wave. There is no permanent happiness. There is no permanency outside. You need to understand the nature of this. There is a day, the is a night. There is a positive, there is a negative. There is nothing it is permanent. There is happiness, unhappiness. There is a love, there is a fear. You got this point? There is no, if you are finding permanent happiness outside in this world then you didn’t understood the nature of this world. This is you make it clear now only. You do not get permanent happiness in your relationship. If you are really you know struggling struggling struggling you should know that. Never. No friend is going to been permanent. No life partner is going to be permanent. Even your children, parents never going to come with you all the way. This is the truth. You cannot escape. This is the truth you need to understand. This is the spiritual truth every master has been telling. Don’t run behind something that is impermanent. Run for that which is permanent. What is permanent? That is You. You are the only person who is permanent. When I say “You” it is Divine. You that is unconditional love. Its You that’s happiness. Its You true happiness, true bliss, true peace, true love.

Even this path is not permanent. Srividya sadhana after sometime you don’t want to like meditate also. Even you don’t want to chant the mantra also. You go beyond that. A silence. That is permanent. Silence is permanent. Because it is your own nature. Om nada ultimate Om nada is silence. Pranava it is silence. You chant Om and everything you do but ultimately silence. Vedanta, Nadanta. Veda Anta. Veda means I am that. Anta means I am. That one goes. I am That goes. Only I am. Even Aham Brahmasmi goes only I. It is ultimate. Anta, end. Even Vedas have an end. So there is nothing that is permanent in this world. You need to understand this truth and workout what is permanent? If you are really struggling hard to find true happiness, true solution outside then be Aware, Awake and turn Inside that where you can find true happiness, love, peace, bliss and all of this. This is the truth. You accept or not that’s quite different.

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