“Power of Maha Paduka Guru Mantra! -by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji”


You see that (shows the Maha Guru paduka put up above His seat)…

Maha Paduka means the feet of Guru or that which represents Shiva and Shakti. It means ultimate expression of Guru Tattva.

Who are they?

Shiva and Shakti as Kameshwara and Kameshwari.

Whomever is your Guru, if you trace the root of that Guru, where is it going to reach?

To Shiva and Shakti.

So this is the mantra that will connect you to the ultimate Guru Tattva.

I consider it as the highest Guru Mantra in my life. And all Shri Vidya Masters know this as a fact. And this mantra also has the effect likewise.

If you sincerely start to chant this mantra, then you test for yourself and see the result.

What experience it gives?

How is it going to help you?

….is it clear?

This same mantra we have written there ( again points to the paduka put up above His seat?)

Because that Guru Tattva – Shiva Shakti as the real Guru and you as the spark of Shiva Shakti. So your soul is your real Guru.

So is our understanding and our experience.

Is it clear?

So what this mantra contains?

It contains very powerful Beeja Mantras.


Aim Hreem Shreem ( we learn this as 1st level Moola Mantra)

Aim Kleem Saum ( this also we learn as Bala Thiripurasundari mantra where She is worshipped as a 3 years old )

Aim Glaum (this mantra is related to the Divine Mother Varahi)

Hasaka Prem ( this is ParaShambhava Beeja mantra – Para Shiva in the form of Para Shambhava or ParaShambhava Shakti which is very powerful or it is the Beeja Mantra of Divine Mother Chandi or Kali – 13th form of Kali which is the highest of all as Kalasamharini whose Beeja Mantra is also this)

Hasaksha MalavariOm Hasou

Sahaksha Malavariheem Saho( first one is the Beeja Mantra of Ananda Bhairava …then the second one is the Beeja Mantra of His wife SuraDevi – both together as Shiva Shakti are flowing to us)

Shree Vidhyanandanaadhamaka Charyanandanada ( So Shiva and Shakti as ParaShambhava, form as Ananda Bhairava, Bhairavi coming to this Earth and spreading Shri Vidya and Mastering this Vidhya is the meaning of Shri Vidya Nadha and His soul – Shree Vidhyanandanaadhamaka. So what is the name of this Master? It is Charyanandanatha)

Shree Maha Padukaam Pujyaami Namaha( To Him I bow down !)

This is the Mantra which is very, very powerful mantra.

We have 5 Amnayaas – 5 traditions . From each of the 5 faces of Shiva a tradition has emerged  as a path to get liberated ; as a path of spiritual teaching. And from these so many as Vaishnava, Surya, Shakti etc., traditions commenced.

So in Shri Vidya tradition, if we consider all the 7 crores Mantras from the above 5 Amnayaas on one side of the Tarasu( physical balance) and this Guru Paduka Mantra on the other side of the balance, in scriptures they say that both weigh equally!

In higher levels, you know, after Shodasi, SivaSoubagya Shodasi, MahaShodasi comes Purthi Vidhya.

Only after Purthi Vidhya they had given us this Mantra! And I have given such a sacred Mantra in the first level itself!!

Got this point!?

Because you know I want you all to start getting this blessing from the first level itself !!

So, that is the power of the mantra!!


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