Real Ganga is Your Pure Consciousness

by Sri sadguru Sivapremanandaji

Your consciousness is the real Ganga than anything else. Your consciousness is a real Ganga. That is what I tell. Shiva is wearing the Ganga above the head. The Sahasrara chakra. From where the divine consciousness flows to us. So that divine consciousness, the infinity dimension when it flows down to my chakras, what happens? The chakras hold all the energy, all the karmic bonds, all the karmic impressions, all the negative energy, all the positive energy, all the blueprint of my life, all the astrological doshas. Everything is here.

If I need to clean it, I need to connect with that divine. Everyday I take a bath with that. Real Ganga has to flow everyday in your being, then real cleansing will take place. All sins you have done will be cleansing. With awareness.

Not that you kill someone, go to the Kashi and take a dip in the Ganga and your things will be gone. That is not true. Because your awareness, your compassion, your feeling that you have done wrong, your forgiveness- all those lessons really cleanse your ignorance. Cleanse all those negative impressions of your life.

So meditation is very-very important. It is real bath that is needed to be taken every day.

If there is a fever, there is an imbalance in your body, or imbalance in your glands, imbalance in your cells- so when I do the Sadhana what happens? I energize, I balance. My panchmahabhootas are balanced. My glands are balanced, My energy that is low is lifted by connecting to the divine. And suddenly the moment I meditate even when I am not feeling good, I come back, I balance, I energize, I heal myself. How good it is. It is the inside treatment.

So I tell to people, when you are depressed, angry, sad, whatever situation, you must meditate every day. No matter what happens. This is a priority in your life. And I am telling, why I am telling is your chakras hold all aspects of your life. Whether it is money issue, health issue, emotional issue, whether it is a spiritual issue, everything is here.

Your planet problem, shani dosha, rahu dosha, pitra dosha, you know what ever dosha you take, kala sarpa dosha, where is it? In your body, your chakras. So by meditating everyday I cleanse everything, I balance myself. I energize myself, I lift myself, I inspire myself, I am ready for the next day. I am ready for the next day with positive thoughts, positive expectation of my life. This is very-very important, to work and meditate. Until and unless you don’t have this realization you don’t meditate. You are giving excuses like one day practice taken, this is taken, that is taken, marriage was there, parents are this, all these are simply excuses.

Inside once it happens, I must meditate no matter what, my life I Need to change, I Need to transform. And meditation is something, and meditation not just mediation, it is the right meditation under the guidance of master, siddhas, I have got that blessing, I have got the initiation, I have learnt all the principles and universal laws, then I must meditate every day regularly. Because this is the pillar of my life. This is the foundation of my life. And it is something like a Supermarket where I get everything in my life. Until and unless you don’t have this awareness, you know this feeling, this understanding, you don’t do it.


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