Siddhis & how to ensure only good things manifest & not harming anyone?

Q:I noticed that manifestation happens very fast irrespective of the intention (good or bad – e.g.: saying something negative when I’m angry etc.) even if I don’t make any Sankalp for it during meditation. This is scary. I always say ‘Only good comes to me, and goes out of me’ for the protection shield. How to ensure only good things manifest & not harming anyone?

A:You see that this is what we call siddhis  as we progress we get a Vak siddhi we get  you know the power to manifest what we say our mind become like a kalpavriksha kamadhenu without you hold any intention it start manifesting why it happens means there is a less filter less karmas between the subconscious mind conscious mind more divine is flowing so more things are manifested So what you do you just surrender to divine mother this is not in your control do you have a this is in your control no you tell to Mother Mother take this Siddhi  also at your feet do highest good for me others this should be your prayer now everyday you should pray this mother I know all this is happening I am surrendering this as your will you know I am surrendering everything and give me the you know guidance I should not get angry and think about negative about other people this is also you need to pray pray that please guide my mind please please guide me intellectual ability please guide my thoughts please guide my behaviour please guide my emotions to the right thing for my highest good and highest good for others that should be your regular player and let go all of this at the feet of divine mother and don’t take any you know any responsibility then what happens you will be not scary not afraid you see that all that is happening as a will of divine okay.

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