Sri Rajamatangi is Goddess of Manifestation

-By Sadaguru Sivapremanandaji

 Matangeshwari ok, she is very very powerful. Very very powerful Goddess in Srividya Sadhaha as well as in a tantrik Sadhana. She has a both you know very very powerful in Srividya sadhana. Even in Aghori tantras we worship her as Uchishta Chandali. Ok. Matangeshwari, here we worship her as a Rajashyamala or Rajamatangi in Srividya with more satvik form. But little bit fierce form aggressive form in aghora tantra sadhana, where it is, she is little bit aggressive, attracting you know hypnotizing and she is also related to magical spells you know all those things. If you can do it attract the people make them to you know listen to you, remove all type of obstacles in your, you know life. And also she is very good to give a mantra siddhi, to give a mantra siddhi. So here in Srividya we consider as a Gyana Shakti of Lalitambika. You see that Gyana, the intuitional knowledge of Lalitambika is nothing but a Rajamatangi. Ok. That we need to understood 1 point. 2nd point is she is the real attractive power of Lalitambika. You see very powerful form of Lalitambika on this earth is Kameshwari and that Kameshwari is established in a Kanchi. You see that whole Kanchi is dominated by her. She is a Kameshwari, she there is nothing can. The person who you know does the Kameshwari sadhana he attracts the people he will be you know charming personality. He is a dominating in his profession, in his business. He is making very good on this earth. It’s something like that. So this is what you know divine mother Kameshwari does. So that attractive power only I considered separate from divine mother that attraction power the Shakti what we called divine mother Matangeshwari, Rajamatangeshwari. So she herself is taken another form, for her we worship in a Madurai Meenakashi. Madurai Meenakshi is the form of you know attractive form you know Gyana Shakti form of that she established in that Madurai Meenakashi. She is just singly standing there. If you see her temple nothing else only she alone nothing else. That is if you go and see that you know the form so much attractive, so much you know love and that power of magnetic attraction is amazing if go and see. And see her grand temple if you see that how beautiful it is, amazing. Actually we should go there and meditate with Rajamatangi amazing. It’s very very blessing. If you want to do the you know divine mother Meenakshi sadhana then you have to go that, you know do the Rajamatangi, sit there connect with her with intention with affirmation divine mother I want to connect with your soul and send the you know from your heart centre send the loving energy of golden light see that it going to connect with her heart centre and then sit and do the Rajamatangi Sadhana or Matangeshwari sadhana or Rajashyamlala sadhana. You start receiving her energy – you start receiving her energy. Same in the if you go to the Kanchi Kamakshi connect with divine mother from your heart centre because this is very important. Because this is very important centre between the up and below this is the centre. That will balance, it will help to receive best possible way. It will help to connect best possible way to Kanchi Kamakshi. You can go and connect and then you do the Srividya Sadhana there or Kameshwari mantra you can do that. That’s also very powerful you can do that. So we learn the Kameshwari Mantra in Tithinitya devtas when the higher workshop there we learn all of those things. But she is that you know that attraction. The Rajamatangi is the power of attraction. So we actually say her Vashikarana Shakti, hypnotising Shakti, you know you know commanding Shakti. That is the power of divine mother Rajamatangi. She will attract the people you know she will make your enemies to listen to you. Make them as your friend. That is the thing and when we say she is the Mantrini of divine mother Lalitambika. She is the minister of divine mother Lalitambika. So here divine mother is link between you and Lalitambika Rajarajeshwari Mahatripursundari, we need to understand. That is the you know the word that is the term as a Mantrini.  She is the minister of Lalitambika. Another tantrik way of saying that she is a Mantrini means she is the one who can give siddhi for the mantras. Tantrik meaning of Mantrini means who gives the siddhi for the Srividya mantras. Help you to or bless you with a Mantra Siddhi. Is it clear?

So there are – there are two aspects that you know we need to understanding in Srividya sadhana. And then if we go little bit deeper level how it is going to help in our manifestation of our desire. We need to understand, know. This is okay tantric aspect, Goddess her characters or qualities and divine qualities and all. How she is going to help me in my life. That is very important thing where her name itself says, Matangi – Matangi means here Mata or Mati you say know our buddhi our thoughts our mind and Matangi means the power that manifest our thoughts into a reality. Matangi is the one who is the Goddess of Manifestation. She is a Goddess of manifestation because see Matangi this term another term means it’s related to elephant ok matanga ok that mastanga or all of that it is related to elephant. And also one more you know form of the elephant is Lord Ganesha. You see that and but only difference is Lord Ganesha is the before thought the sound. There are you know different layers of sound – Para is there, Pashanti is there, Madhyama is there, Vaikhari is there. At the Para level is the Lord Ganesha. At Vaikhari level it is the divine mother Matangi. Can you see that? So if Para is not there, not removed coming then how I am going to receive the you know manifestation at Vaikhari that is uttering the words. So both are related to the manifestation. Lord Ganesha also does the manifestation brings that sound and divine mother Matangi also does that. So she is very very powerful Goddess of manifestation – Goddess of manifestation. That is one way we need to understand because thoughts are things, inner world creates the outer world. To bring this harmony from inner world to outside world you need some Shakti, the transforming power that is what we call divine mother Matangi. And one very very important thing we need to understand when we do this Rajamatangi or Matangi sadhana – in tantric sadhana we will be having a Goddess then Anga Devta, Upang Devta and Pratanga Devta. For you know if you see Varahi it is there, for Lalitambika it is there for other Goddesses it is there. But it’s only for Matangeshwari there is no Anga, Upanga, Pratanga devtas. Means she alone does everything. So we call her as siddha vidya where no restrictions. Even actually there is no Nyasa for Matangi sadhana. You see that when those things are not given what it means without anything just by chanting she manifest – she manifest. And it is a true know, it’s a universal law thought become a things. And she is very very very powerful principle and she is already there in you as a power to manifest as a power to create your thought into a outside world. Don’t you have that power? So when I do this Matangeshwari sadhana what power I should get? The power to create, the power to manifest. This is very important understanding. And not only this, when you see her form you see that she is holding the Veena – you see that she is holding the Veena. What this represent? You see that we worship divine mother (yes) Saraswati, know. One of the very important aspect Sadaguru Adishankaracharya did is he established Shardamba in Shringeri. What you know how the Lalitambika is worshiped there in the form of Sharada. You see that. But, Gyana Shakti there as a Gyana Shakti we worship her. But it is very deeper level of understanding that Saraswati is there okay where we have been worshiping her you know Vedic times. But only Rajamatangi or Matangeshwari is considered as tantric form of Saraswati – tantric form of Saraswati. She is – she is also holding the Veena. And this Veena you know that it is what actually it does, when you know instrument it produces the sound. Means what it’s doing that, it’s manifesting the sound. It’s manifesting the sound. So she is telling that I can manifest your inner reality into the outside reality. So she is very good to bless you with knowledge, what type of knowledge what type of skills you want to develop she is very very good. So we consider a deity or Goddess of the success. Why? If there is a not complete skill, not mastered the art then you cannot be successful. Anything if to bring the perfection divine mother Matangeshwari is worshipped. So that’s what it’s very important we need to worship Matangeshwari to have a perfection in a Srividya Sadhana, to have a perfection in our whatever material knowledge we want to go for PhD this or that. She is very very good. And when we are considering her the manifestation of Vaikhari, the speech, articulation of speech or manifesting your ideas into a outside world. Your opinion expressing your opinions or manifesting all of this. So she is very very helpful. So most of our profession at this you know age 21st century is you know explaining the things first. This is a age of information. Earlier it is not like this, mantra is given go ahead, now no. She is very very powerful Goddess of manifestation. And at this 21st century we need to give the information to the students whatever you do you should explain them that what it is. So if you are you know in the profession where you are a musician, if you are a teacher, if you are a doctor because many times we need to you know you know make understand our patient you know they don’t know patient have their, you know because they are in a low energy they are suffering. They don’t have a patience that you know to listen to you. You need to attract, you need to convenience them. That you know they should really first they should have attraction they should have trust then they are ready to receive. When they receive then automatically healing will take place. If you don’t have a attraction power convenience you know the people, you cannot brings the success. You cannot be successful in outside world. Same with the marketing field also. You need to have that ability the talent to you know reach or to fulfil you know connect with them. So this connection is made with help of Rajamatangi. This is one thing, but it is also very good for family life, to bring the harmony. Family life, if you have that attractive, magnetic personality then things will be good. You could convenience and your partner can listen to you. They can say that this is true, what you are talking is true, they believe. So it has a many benefit in all aspects. I say that she I very powerful and we in if you see the, if you read the Dasmahavidya stotra, you see that we call it as Siddhavidya. You know Matangi, Baglamukhi are the siddha vidyas. They say she is very very powerful. And that’s what we don’t have a Nyasa, Anga devta, Upang devta, Pratyanga devta for Matangeshwari. So it’s very very powerful sadhana that we are going to learn that we are going to do. And if she has been chosen as Mantrini by divine mother Lalitambika means there should be some meaning. Okay. But this is the realization of the truth that she is not separate from Lalitambika. If you see theyou know she is coming from sugarcane bow of Lalitambika she manifest from that. Varahi manifest from the arrows astras. Like this. So she is nothing but the power of attraction, attraction power of Lalitambika, Gyana Shakti of Lalitambika. Is it clear to you? And one more very very important thing is we worship her as Uchishta Chandali. We worship her as Uchishta Chandali.  Here little bit we need to understand what it means Uchishta. We have a two forms one in Ganesha also we call it as a Uchishta Ganesha. Here also we say Uchishta Chandali that is a Shakti. We need to understand what is the meaning of Uchishta.  Here, if you see many people explain that Uchishta means left-over actually not a food. People to educate at you know normal person they say that left over food is liked by divine mother Uchishta Chandali or Matangeshwari. But divine mother not really consider not really with the food. You need to go beyond that, we need to go beyond that. We need to understand that Uchishta Chandali, Uchishta means it’s a left-over energy of the creation. See this creation has taken place, right. This creation, from nothingness this creation has come then it is going to merge into a nothingness. So from this nothingness this world has come but it is not complete still energy is left-over. That left-over energy is what I am going to invoke and use that for my siddhi for that I called Uchishta. So Uchishta Ganpati is there Uchishta Chandali is there. And it is a left-over energy of the creation where there is no conditions please understand. When I say it is creation means all things are there know Tamo, Rago and Satva. So left-over energy I need to invoke means do I need to put any condition means for that? Do I need to maintain any purity for that? (No, No).  Is it clear to you?

So in that context, in that way they say that Uchishta Matangeshwari don’t need any purity. You see that. So but people have made it in a different way, left-over food you have eat and you know do the sadhana. Left-over food you have to offer to Matangeshwari and all. You know but it’s not true. Truth is she is a left-over energy. That’s what in as a Sumukhi they, she has a different you know. Sumukhi devi is there ok, like karna Matangeshwari is there. You know one of the siddhi sadhana. Karna Matangi, when we worship her what happens you know about the person, the moment he comes you ask any question you know that. Who is that person? What he does? What is his past? Why he has come? You know. You know the before ahead you know the answers. You don’t need to ask. You only tell you came for this. Sumukhi you know Matangeshwari you know form is there where we call her as Mahapishachini means this pishachini is not you know that pishachini. This is a spirit you know spirit of entire existence what we called Mahapishachini. Even for Ganpati also, how we called Hastimukha or there also the pishachini word is used in the Uchishta Ganpati also. Very powerful mantra very powerful mantra Uchishta Ganapati. Ganpati has 32 forms. The every form has a different application. It is only Uchishta Ganpati where aghoris are using because it is especially for overcoming the evil things. Controlling the evil things and this is the only way you can do anything. Because it’s a left over energy of the creation. You can use this energy to do what you want. Can you see that? So that is the Uchishta Chandali that we are going learn that is one of the very powerful sadhana of manifestation – manifestation. If you use this mantra with your manifestation process what you have learned in Siddha Mind Power. Remove the negative belief visualize using those you know success statement life success statement or just affirm and then you use this mantra in between. Visualization Rajamatangi mantra visualization Rajamatangi mantra, you see that magnetically you are attracting the, what you want. It’s very powerful process. So she has different around 8 or 10 forms she has. But this is the very good form that is needed for house holder where we have a highest form as a Rajamatangi that we are going to learn, we are going to infuse in every aspect of our life. And we are going you know do the sadhana. So you need to understand that here you don’t need any purity and you can use this sadhana to create what you want. Means un-manifested energy used to manifest your desire that is what is the meaning of that – Uchishta Chandali. The esoteric meaning of that is un-manifested energy of Shiva-Shakti we are invoking by chanting Uchishta Chandali and we are with our intention with our visualization or mind power we are manifesting our dreams into the reality.  This Matangeshwari holds the parrot. Okay. What is the importance of the parrot is? It is has a capacity to speak. The bird has a capacity to speak the human language. Means it has a power to express the speech. So when you worship means you have you get a power you become a real parrot of Lalitambika. To be frank all masters are parrot of Lalitambika. They are telling the truth of divine mother and expressing to the you. So when you worship you know that what is a truth and you could able to express that truth in words you see that. So understanding Om-Tatt-Sat is very difficult. But Shivohum is very difficult. But we explain that in words. How it is possible? It’s because of grace of Lalitambika we could able to explain everything. So parrot is the one of the representation to tell that truth can be you know expressed in a best possible way. Because here we are not dealing with any other things, we are dealing with the truth Param-tattva, Self-realization and God-realization. Okay. This is also very important. And also the one more deeper meaning of Veena is – it is about your kundalini Shakti. Those strings are noting but your Ida, Pingala, Shushumana. The Veena the shape that is done is noting but your own kundalini. She will help to bring the consciousness or awareness about your Kunadalini help you to awaken the Kundalini and she will help to balance the all these 3 strings. And this Sa Re Ga Ma Pa whatever the musical notes are noting but this vibration of your chakras. She will help you to lift that. She plays with you that as Kundalini she is going to play. That is a deeper meaning of spiritual meaning of having a Veena. But still she is a more of a manifestation of speech Vaikhari. She is very good in material world then spiritual world. But at the same time she will help you to understand the truth at the mind level – truth at the mind level or intellectual level she is going to help you to manifest.

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