Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji Teachings

Sri Vidya Mantras are sound forms of divine mother and sri yantra is the  geometry form of divine mother. How it is going to bring prosperity to me. How it is going to help remove any karmic blockages. how it is going to help to have a pro—- my life how it is going to help to remove or dissolve all the Navagraha Doshas. How it is going to help to balance my panchamahabhutas. How it is going to help to awaken my soul and connect with highest cosmic consciousness, Infinity consciousness that is called as a lalithambika Rajarajeshwari Maha Tripurasundari. That is the Sadhana that we are going to learn today. it is a very very powerful and traditional Shakti Sadhana. We call it as a Shakti Sadhana where you receive high dimension energy to dissolve your energy blocks, to dissolve or burn your karmas. So one of the very important thing in our tradition is to understanding karmashastra, understanding Karma . Karma means whatever actually it is a universal law kamashastra is universal law, where it says that inner world creates outside world. There is a cause and there is a effect. If you do something that is a cause and what you experience is the effect. So the universal law works on cause and effect. so what is the cause here, what we are doing that is the cause that means what we are doing at the mind level, what we are doing at the energy level, what we are doing at the soul level, what we are doing at the Astral level plus what we are doing at the physical level that is the cause. What we experience outside, whether it is a joy happiness or the depression anger all of that is the effect your experience is the effect what you think feel believe and create that energy, that it is the cause. Is it clear? So first we need to understand this cause and effect because whole Bhagavad gita tells about Universal law of karma. Whatever you do that you are going to experience. But here one thing we need to understand not only in this life even in the past life. Many things happen in this life because of our past life actions, because of our past life actions we are suffering in this life. For example the choice you have made to be born in particular family. The choice you have made to experience your childhood. This is not decided by you because before seven years your mind is not that much developed you have not made any choices. Those choices that you have done in your past life that will take place here. So your past life, present life, those  actions you know cause what you are going to experience in this life is it clear

So first we need to understand universal law of Karma.Go to any astrologer they will explain that, your are born on this day, this time, this place and from that they make a twelve houses and those twelve houses help to interpret what you have in your life what you have in your life. so that is the blueprint of your life on this earth why I have born on this earth, what skills I have what talents I have, what diseases I am going to suffer, what type of relationship problems I am going to suffer, what type of doshas I have done. Karmas I have done in my past life so this is my complete blueprint in my life.So we call it is a horoscope what you have done in your past life and what you’re going to experience in this present life. So now the question is whether I have a free will to change this horoscope?, first question whether I can change my destiny? second question. Whether I have to suffer what is written in my horoscope. If it is if you go to the Astrologer if you can show you the horoscope and you say that your life is full of sorrow your life is full of dosas, and you cannot  experience the joy, that you will not have a happiness in your relationship, you will not have a good life in your career. If the person says that then how is your life ,how is your life and if you accept it then how is your life, is there any positive expectation in your life, any positive hope in your life. Is there any a feeling of inspiration to further continue in your life. It is very difficult very difficult. And here Lord Krishna says that 60% is your karma 40% percentage is your free will. 60% is your karma that you are going to experience. 40% is your free will that you can apply and change your karma and make your life beautiful and here Srividya Sadhana and simplified worship of divine mother lalithambika called as Sridevi and worshiping her in a geometrical form sriyantra brings the result to overcome this 60% of your karmic impression. This 60% how I am going to change it?. I have created now how now I am going to change my life? now I am going to create a better life? how I can be successful in this life?. that is the question and how to overcome is that is the answer is one of the thing is spiritual practice. Spiritual practice means going beyond body and mind focusing on your thoughts, focusing on your believe, focusing on your awareness, focusing on your energy and bringing the changes in your energy, thoughts and belief and changing inner world and this inner world is nothing but your Horoscope or blueprint of your life, by changing this I can change my outside experience. can you understand this I can change my life. how I can change my life. here the problem is outside life is what you are experiencing, situation whatever problems whatever things you are experiencing outside is just a product, is just a product that is manifested from your inner world but the cause, the manufacturing unit is within us in the form of a thought, in the form of energy, in the form of a belief and plus your Karmic impression that you have done in your past life. so inside energy creates outside situation . inner energy creates outside situation. Why it is energy? whether it is a belief ,whether it is you know feeling, whether it is a consciousness everything is energy. totality is energy we call it as a karmic impression karma. so because of this Karma everybody is different because of this Karma everybody is born with a different qualities different skill different parents different education different experiences in the life. So root cause of all that is happening in your life is karma, and it is not something in a belief system,  it is a universal law. It is not a belief system, it is a universal law that everyone has to go through. everyone has to go through.

It is like universal law of Gravity where everybody has to follow this. you cannot say that I will go top of the floor and I will jump and this universal law is not going to work for me. It has to work. You cannot cut this Universal law. you cannot dominate this universal law. Everyone has to go through. like this this universal law of Karma Universal of cause and effect everyone has to go through all human being has to go through, again the universal law of polarity of duality that is positive and negative, day and night, male female, good things coming in your life as well as bad things are coming in your life. so you we are on this earth that is third dimension means it is ruled by universal law of duality or polarity, where positive is there negative there, positive is there negative is there. So something is happening in your life at this moment very badly that is happening that you cannot accept this, you cannot you know allow this, you know this you cannot believe this can happen if you see that it is too much for me. I can not overcome then you need to understand that that the universal law of polarity that caused after negativity positivity has to come in your life please understand if suffering is there happiness is also there.  so both are there in this world third dimension has both happiness sorrow, love hatredness and anger is also there love is also there, so these two come together. That is what in our culture we always celebrate for example Bevu Bella. Now one is the bitterness and then another one is sweetness both are the part of our life if both are the part of our life, both are part of our life, but here with spiritual practice by working with our inner world we can decide how much positive sweetness we can experience how much bitterness we can experience. Choice is there, you have a choice you have a free will. this 60% karma you have it, but 40% free will you have it. if I use this 40% in a right right understanding the right understanding means understanding Universal laws. when it is understanding the universal laws .understanding how to use this Universal laws, how to apply this universal laws, so that I can change this 60% of my karma and make my life more successful. so here how to change this Karma means how to change my energy, karmic energy means, karma means, is energy feeling belief action whatever you are that is available in your account is energy and we call it as a negative energy. we call it as a negative energy is going to bring a negative experience to you,but energy is energy, but it is going to bring negative energy to you.  but now I am going to change negative energy into a positive energy. how I am going to change this negative energy into a positive energy and that is where spirituality comes where we start chanting in Mantra where we start chanting the mantras .where we start worshipping the yantras. Where we start going to the temple where it has a positive energy field. There are ways. you can go outside where the temple has positive energy and my Energy field has a negative energy go and sit there then what happens there is a universal law it says that higher energy replaces the lower energy . so when I come into the contact with the higher energy my lower energy dissolves. when I go to the temple my lower energy dissolves. so this is science behind you know doing the Shanti Puja to the navagrahas you see that you go to the one Navagraha temple, where Navagraha sakthis are there in a maximum capacity. if my one of my planet has a dosa, if I have Rahu . i have a rahu dosha. Rahu dosha means what is?, it is a weakness of that the energy within me. I want to raise and amplify and whatever the negative energy I am receiving from Rahu nullify every planet has a one positive rays and one negative rays.every planet sometimes it brings a positive things to you sometimes it bring a negative things to you. when the rahu who is you know when positive rays are coming you will be very successful. it is not that you know your Rahu is there is only you go to the bad situation Rahul can make you successful give up promotion to you, bless in a business, he can lift you and make a successful famous in this world , if his rays are positive.if his rays are negative,  it will bring fear in you, you feel weak in inside yourself you lose your confidence, mind is not stable, you see that you need to check yourself what type of level I have. Whether my energy is whether I am feeling good, I am having inspiration to go to the job , I am having a confident that I think should be taken care, then you know that during the Rahu Dasha what rays I am receiving whether it is positive or negative. So every planet has its own energies, but when you say that dosa means negative rays are coming or in your energy field you have a weak energy of that planet. So question is how I can raise my planet energy or so that whatever the outside planets are reflecting the light rays i can nullify make myself stable balanced, and make my life successful. So whether it is navagrahas whether it is panchamahabhutas, everything is within us. Everything is within us, because there is a universal law, whatever that is existed outside existed inside. “Yatha bramanda tatha pimmanda”. Outside fire is there, inside fire is there. Outside fire is physical inside fire is subtle. Suksma ok. Outside air is there inside air is there. Outside earth element is there, inside this body is also made of earth element. Outside water is there inside also water is there. Outside akasha ether is there, inside also ether is there. Outside all this life force you know giving energy to the trees, giving energy to the planets, to the animals, all are growing into a life force. In the same way you also have a life force. You are also prana. Everywhere it is working you know, animals it is working, the moment of the air is happening. The earth itself is rotating in space. All planets you know are rotating. Everything has a mind. Everything has a mind, this body also has a mind. So whatever that is existed outside also existed inside. Panchamahabhutas navagrahas and all. So you have a choice to go outside and worship them in a temple with a rituals. Or focus inside and balance your panchamahabhutas and navagrahas and your complete soul and energy. You have two choices. Go outside and do the sadhanas rituals and poojas, santhi in a different temples. Or sit in your home and learn how to balance how to cleanse how to heal your own planets your own panchamahabhutas and stable your energy stable your mind, and raise yourself and be successful. Is it clear. So the question is how we are going to learn how to balance, how to cleanse, how to heal, your own planets, your own panchamahabhutas, and stable your energy, stable your mind, and raise yourself and be successful. Is it clear, the question is here we are going to learn how i am going to sit in my home and balance my navagrahas, balance my panchamahabhutas, and burn my karmas , that is the cause of my problem outside, whether it is a job problem , marriage problem, health problem, that is the problem within me not outside. How i am going to burn that, that is the sadhana we are going to learn. For that sadhana we call it the srividya sadhana. Srividhya means athma vidhya. And simplified for a beginner level we are doing sri vidya sadhana that is called sri devi khadgamala stotras and mantra sadhana. Is it clear, that is the sadhana. So here we are going to worship sri yantra that is geometrical form of divine mother, if we don’t have sri yantra, we worship her in the form of a statue, if we don’t have as statue we worship her in the form of a photo. If we don’t have a image also, imagine her in our mind. Visualise imagine and with that visualize with that focus, we worship her, so that we change our life. when we chant divine mother mantra. It is high dimension energy it will come into our soul. When this energy, high dimension energy comes into our soul, it will dissolve our karmic blocks that are our root cause of our problems. It is clear. Why it is going to dissolve? Because it is universal law, like universal law of gravity that higher energy replace the lower energy. It is something like a bottle of ink water. I go on adding pure water, i go on adding the pure water, what happens ultimately. This ink water is replaced with pure water. So actually you are a bottle of pure water. With your karmas, with your situation, out of pressure, you have done the negative karmas, so your pure water become a ink water. You know that is what you are now. Now my job is how i can become a normal, who am i when i have taken my life on this earth. So how i am going to do it is, i add pure water every day. That is what abisheka. That is what we do right. When i do you know, i do the sivalingam i do the abisheka. Shiva linga is the representation of universal soul or it is my soul, because i am a spark of siva and sakthi. When i do the abhisheka to the sivalinga, what i am doing, i am cleansing the sivalinga and nourishing the sivalingam with you know ghee, milk, curd, water, and honey , what are these things? They represent, the panchamahabhutas, they help you to nourish your energy body. So i use all those materials in abhisheka. When i do that abhisheka with a sankalpa, What is sankalpa? intention. What is intention?, shiva paramatma please bless me, i have this dosa i need to overcome.i have a problem i have to overcome. I need to get married  please remove whatever karmic impressions. I am not getting a job so i need to remove all the obstacles. All the karmic things so that i can get a job. I have this health problem, i have the anger feeling that is created. Lack of love that is created. These emotions and thought created diseases. Many people becoming a diabetic. This is lack of love. BP why it is ? more anger feeling. More stressful feeling, more tension allowing outside, not accepting their own soul. Not confident in themselves. Not even accepting that they are good people. The moment they close their eyes they see that i am not good person at all. They themselves say . no need other person.then what is that inner world attracts the outside world. If i say that i am not worthy enough i am not good enough. What happens my relationship problem will start. My own life partner dont respect me. No matter outside i have very good position. May be i am a doctor engineer CEO whatever it is.But at home no respect at all. Because inside you have created that, that i am not a worthy person, i am not lovable, i am not good enough. I am very very like this and like that. So inner world creates outside world please understand. If i want to bring transformation i want to work in the inner world. Inner world is your thoughts feeling emotions. Your beliefs, very very important is your belief. I always suggest, belief plus spiritual practice and being awareness of all this brings the transformation. You see just some peoples are just chanting the mantras. Going to the temples. Not aware of what belief they are holding that are creating their problem. Today i went to the temple did the homa , havan everything my negative energy is release but again i believe that i am going to get anger, i am going to believe that this person is going to harm. I go to the temple cleanse, but again i believe and gain i create. So what is happening here, creating , going to the temple dissolving, again coming back creating going to the temple. This is all. When the moment you are aware of the belief that oh this is what is creating, i dissolve that belief what happens you don’t need to go to the temple also. Higher level meditation not needed. Because you are pure with your loving energy. Compassionate energy. Thoughtless pure awareness. Blissful awareness and you experience that inner satisfaction. That joy that ecstacy. That love, you become a sivasakthi. Because they are the quality of sivasakthi. We call them as the divine qualities. Peacefulness harmony with yourself, not with other person. First harmony good relationship with myself. Then another person. You see that many people don’t want to be alone you know. Call to a person they will talk with someone but they cannot sit alone. If they sit alone so many thoughts will come. About their job, about their partner, about their anger about this that. Cannot tolerate it. They cannot see it. So they go for a mobile, go for a facebook , go for a movie, go for a friend circle, being alone and being aware of your thoughts and having a courage to see your own creation is very very important. The moment i am aware what i am having a thought. Whether i have a positive thought about me or negative thought.positive belief about me , or negative belief.positive your know energy about me or negative energy. And if i am giving attention to my positive thought, or negative thought. This si very important, so awareness, so spirituality is awareness. Not just chanting the mantra, just sit in the meditation not going you know everyday to the temple. Being aware what thoughts i am enternaning. Whether i am able to accept the body as it is, no matter hos is my color, whether i have hairs or not, whether my nose is good or not, i have eyes or not, no matter what it is. Whether i accept this body as a gift of sivashakthi. You now that , we cannot create another body. No matter how super speciality hospital. Can you give a life to another person. This body is a gift to us, the best vehicle given by sivasakthi. This is not yours this is a gift to yours. Please understand. The moment i stand in front of the mirror, no matter how it looks i say i accept my body as it is. I love my body. It is not mine, it is a gift of siva and sakthi.

I love myself, when you say with confidence with courage with knowledge that you are a sivasakthi, you are a spark of sivasakthi, whatever that is given in your life is a gift.

With gratitude and surrenderance i say to myself, i love my body, i accept my body the way it is. You will be surprised all the conflict, all the guilty feeling, all that you are entertaining from this life and past life just dissolve. You will be surprised peoples are coming and loving you. There are coming and commenting, you are not wearing good dress nothing. They just come you know they want to hug you, they want to be with you and all, why? You created a positive energy for yourself. You and your relationship is in harmony. When you are in harmony you attract harmony in outside world. This is very important. When a person knows that you are a beautiful person. You don’t exploit anything. He wants to be with you. He wants to share his thoughts with you. Because he knows that you are a loving being, and he want to be with you. That is the beauty of the relationship. Not controlling the other person you know, no matter how good they are. Only telling negative about them to control that person. To control another person only negative qualities we focus, we say you do that you do this. You do that you do that. Believe about our husband and wife, only negative we focus, but when they give a gift, when they offer their love. They blessed you. Do we remember that. No, because it is a maya we called. This world is running with a maya. Illusion. It always focus on negative thing. It always focus on negative thing. If i ask what you want, how many of you really know? What you want in this life? If i ask what you do not want? How many of you know? oh! i do not want this job, i don’t not want this relationship. Can you see that, your mind thinks in terms of “ i do not want”. It is not positive, it is a negative way of thinking. It is the nature that has built in you that is programed. The mind is programed in you. You win your mind you win the —–. To win the mind you need to have awareness what it has.what it is thinking of yourself. It is the thought, belief and energy. So be aware of that plus you do the spiritual sadhana.

What is spiritual sadhana? Bring the Divine Energy in your soul, dissolve all the karmic blocks. Lift yourself raise yourself,  have a harmony, blessing, joy, and so prosperity feeling , abundant feeling within yourself. Not outside. Within yourself, automatically this attracts outside abundance. Outside prosperity. Outside harmony. Outside love. In india we call this as “ridhi first then siddhi”. You see the lord ganesha. Whom we are going to worship in all this spirituality, and he has two powers, two wifes, one is ridhi and another one is siddhi. Why there is 2 wifes, for us there is only one wife or one husband why? Why for god and goddesses two husbands and 2 wifes? What is that ? it means 2 powers, it doesn’t mean physical relationship. Gods are the light beings. Please understand. They don’t have like physical body. They have a energy body, they have a astral body. They have a subtle body. Of course they can manifest in a physical body. But for our understanding we have created those powers. So one god has two powers. One is inner power and another is outside power. Inner power we call ridhi, outside power we call siddhi. Inner success, we call ridhi and outside success we call siddhi. First psychic abundance and then material abundance. So ganesha has to work in the inner world as well as in the outside world. This ganesha, where is he in your body? He is in your mooladhara chakra. In your mooladhara chakra. If you want to experience prosperity, If you want to have a very good life without obstacles, when we focus our attention, when we focus our energy, when we focus our awareness to the mooladhara chakra, automatically we receive ganesha blessing. We don’t need to go to the outside temple. Automatically it happens because that tatva is already within you. Again i told whatever existed outside existed inside. Outside ganesha temple is there, his tatva is there. When i go to the temple what happen? His status is there, prana prathistapana is done. His tatva is invoked. His principle is invoked. How it is invoked?, by chanting the mantra. What mantra brings?  That energy into that, that prana of ganesha brings into that yantra. That statue. When i go there, when i bow down the outside temple and i ask ganesh to bless me, his energy come . where it will come? Ti will come to my mooladhara chakra. Because the like vibration attracts the like. When his energy coming to my mooladhara chakra what happens? Ganesha tatva active. I am blessed , obstacles are removed, i am going to ——-.

You know that how sitting at home activating that ganesha tatva? Without going to temple. It is powerful know. Going to the ganesha  temple, lakshmi temple, dattatreya temple, shiva temple, navagraha temple. If i travel today from morning, ganesha subramanya, durga, krishna, dattatreya, shiva, and all the temples. How much time it is going to take? If i travel inside how much time it is going to take? So here if we meditate, it is very very powerful, very very advanced, and you can be regular and you can win and you can be successful very fast. Because inner dimension is different, outside dimension is different. Outside dimension takes a lot of time to do the rituals. To go to the temple and be in a queue. And you see that you are opening your eyes. Your concentration is also fifty fifty. But when you meditate what happens? It is more powerful. More grounded more focused. More energetic, more balanced. So sitting at home, doing the spiritual practice is more powerful, than running this temple that temple this temple that temple.

Go to the temple. I am not saying not to go. But understand that same thing happens when you sit in home. I am not telling dont go to the temple. Please dont understand like that. I appreciate go enjoy the environment, so devotional. You cannot feel the same devotion at your home. So much you know you fight that this, you cannot sit in my home and mediate. I go to the temple, i feel connected i feel devoted i feel surrenderance and i sit and meditate there. blessing , but it should not be you know everyday activity. At least once in a month once in a week, go and enjoy that you know, but also understand that how to make my home temple. How my home should be like a temple. How i should be like a positive energy vibration bliss joy at my home. So when i keep shree yantra, and do this sree devi khadgamala stotra everyday , you will be surprised, all you know the vastu dosa overcome. All this planetary that is happening that will be overcome. All negative energy fight between your and your family member, that is dissolved. All the negativity that is attacking you that is dissolved. So when i keep my sri yantra at my home and worship it regularly, my home become like a temple. It has such a positive energy, such a grace, such a loving energy. I start seeing the harmony, start seeing the right understanding between me and the surrounding people or my family members. I start seeing some changes in my children, i start seeing many changes in my surroundings. That is why tool is given to us. Why this tool is given?  To make your home more prosperous, to make your home and family member more active. To make yourself more energetic. To dissolve all your negativity. So in srividhya the sadhana is done with yantra. So sometimes what happens. When not regular to the sadhana. Today i am so good, so devotional to the divine mother tomorrow no feeling at all. Again i feel so good, so devotional to divine mother, after one week no feeling at all. Even you start fighting with divine mother.

What is happening with my life> i am doing you know all of this, nothing is happening. What are you doing it to me. But divine mother is not doing your own karmas are doing. Because divine mother has no any interest in your life. She created she gave universal laws, and said my dear i have given your viveka intellectual ability with it. Please it. I have given you intuition. Be aware what is happening outside and inside. I have given the powers, the tantras, this method, how to overcome your problem. I have given everything to you, and i have given a free will to you. Power of choice. Everyday you choose. Whether it is idli or dosa, not divine mother chooses for you. You choose idli or dosa, but what happens when problem comes your know you scold on divine mother. She has done this to me. But never never sivasakthi interferes in your life. Please choose your dress. Does sivasakthi chooses that.  Today i need to wear jeans, or today i need to wear normal shirt. You ask divine mother, divine mother today what should i wear? No it is you decided. You decided today to go to the shopping mall or be at a meditative state. Yes or no. you walk on the road is divine mother decide? Whether i need to cross or stay or where you need to go. Who decides this? Every moment what decision, what choice we make, that is where our destiny . please understand.

You Create your destiny. How I am going to create is very important with your thoughts please understand,, with your belief with your feeling, with your emotion and one more believe when I say belief, belief means accepting your own power, that I can create. Understanding the universal law I am going through very bad phase now, but I know that there is a universal law that negative is there, positive is also there. I am going to solve this problem I am going to experience positivity in my life, things is going to change maybe one day one week one month but I have to be having a positive focus. you see that when we understand the universal laws it will give a confidence to us.  See, when you say faith what it is if I take a cloth and do like this means it is going to clean it, yes that is a confidence it is going to clean, so if I know that this is a Universal law negative is happening to me I am going very bad face I am not having a job I have marriage problem is going on relationship problem is going and whatever it is happening but this is not a permanent please understand. nothing is permanent on this world. this nature of this world is changing always .nothing is permanent. So outside happiness is not permanent . outside happiness is not permanent. So happiness sorrow happiness sorrow. if I know this universal law then in sorrow also i can take one step back be aware and be confident that you know that things will be taken care. then I create more positive situation in my life than the negative situation that is the knowledge that is the knowledge to make myself more happy to make myself more confident to be accepting whatever negative is happening I accept this I created it out of my karma I created I am not pointing this person has done this. I am not pointing that this planet has done this . Please understand these planets are my in a working professionals.  They don’t have any do anything to you your inner world inner karmas are reflecting by the planets that’s all. So there’s no Sani don’t have a personal fight with you, Rahu don’t have personal fight with you. they don’t have anything to do with. They are doing their jobs. they just say you know for this is what a Karma you have created I’m reflecting this. .please be aware. change it. That’s all they do it, so we should not afraid with any planets we should not afraid to the any planet, but we need to respect those planets because their working like us.

In a company job you have some responsibility no. You have to do it. like this they have you know some Responsibility in this Cosmos they are doing their job, but they don’t have any personal fight with you. So when we do this srividhyaSadhana  one more very important thing is srividhya, we call her Sri Mata Sri Mata means source energy. it is a source energy from this source energy sun is going to receive the energy .Main Sun what we are experiencing receiving it. From that the sun these planets are going to receive the energy is it clear to you. So divine divine mother is like a cosmic energy. main source like you know if this Bangalore city is there main electrical board where the electricity generated that is lalithambika Rajarajeshwari and you know branches are there no. In this area this branch these are like a planets receiving the energy and you know that area is lighted, but you have to when I am connecting to the main source I should not worry about all the other things. So Sri Vidya Sadhana is directly connected to the source and nullifying all the negative doses of the planets ok all the nine planets and all the 27 nakshatras all 5 Pancha mahabhutas all free Kunas   Rajo tamo and satva because you see that when you are sleepy it is a tamo guna. when you are active is rajo guna, when you are a silent it is a satva guna. So everyday you are going in a three state of mind, yes, dream sleep and waking state and so these 3 things can be cleansed by the Sakthi of lalithambika Rajarajeshwari MahaTripuraSundari, so because of this you see that benefit for given like this so many benefits they say that it is the highest protection shield it will I know not only it will protect you from all the planets given any earthquake happen any accident happen anything happen it is going to protect you, so when I do this Sadhana divine mother energy surrounds me like a kwacha. it’s surrounds my aura, so whatever negativity is there it has to first effect to the divine mother energy, then it has to come to me. It’ll nullify repel back rebounce back. That’s what we call her Pratyangira bounce back not receive , she will bounce back.when divine mother lalithambikai is a pure consciousness, truth consciousness little bit tamo gunam mixed with pure consciousness what forms she will take you will become a pratyangira . when pure consciousness is there if Rajo guna is mixed, she become a Lakshmi when pure consciousness is there in that is mixed with Satva, she become a saraswathi . you see that , cosmic consciousness become a dynamic consciousness because of these three guna. She  become Maha Kali Maha Lakshmi Maha Saraswathi . so to overcome tamo guna who is needed, kali sakthi is needed. You’ll be sleeping no, if you come and say get up get up I will wake up I will wake up. Put some water you wake up. Kali is needed for that.

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Saraswathi you know, please wake up NO. kali is needed. Like this every action is governed by one sakthi. So these three sakthis are need in our life. And here sri vidya khadgamala means there are 181 sakthis are there in this shree yantra. These sakthis are from source energy to different layers. You see that. Physical level, mind level, astral level , energy level. Every level one sakthi is there. Like this sakthi of lalithambika is divided into 181 sakthis. And this and these sakthis have extra action in this and these sakthis include gandharvas. These sakthis include kineras. These sakthis also include astama siddhis. These sakthis also include mudra sakthis. These sakthis also include saptha ma durgas. Or astama durgas. So complete brahmanda is in one stotras. That we call as sri devi khadgamala strotra. So if i am chanting this mantra, chanting this stotra, what i am doing, i am worshiping complete brahmanda sakthi sitting at home. How powerful it is. And it will take you five to 7 minutes to chant this mantra. How powerful more you know, because time is very important now. Because i can give 10 to 15 minutes to half an hour everyday. Regular what more than that. If you chant it with sincerely with focus, it takes 5 minutes and 10 seconds like that. If it is  memorised to you, it will take you 3 to 4 minutes it will finish 3 to 4 minutes you’ll be connecting to all the brahmanda sakthis. These same sakthis, same powers are controlling this universe. These navagrahas are controlling. These panchamahabhutas are working outside. These astamahasidhis are working outside. These 27 nakshatras are working outside. Same sakthi is also working in my inside. Brahmanda is big world, my inner world is small. When these sakthis are controlling everything. If i invoke my sakthis are invoked in my inner world don’t you think they would control your life . help your life. They will do that. They will give itution. They will give a protection. they will give attraction power. They will give all the powers needed for you. To be happy prosperous and successful in your life. So this is the sadhana very very powerful kept very secret. Very simple but at the same time very powerful. We call it the khadgamala. Sri Devi Khadgamala.

Kadga means sword. Sword why it is needed here?. For what purpose we use a sword.? Protection. To protect myself, to protect my family. Here kadga means sword of the light. Sword of the divine. It is the power that is given to you. Please understand. Sword means it is the power. It is the power given to you to protect you and your family. So it is called khadgamala. Mala means garland. Khadgamala means these protective powers, these divine powers in a order they are written in an order so we call it as khadgamala stotram. It is very important in our vedic tradition,everything is very scientific. Every sloka is scientific. In navagraha sloka if you see that. How energy comes from cosmic sun to sun, sun to moon, from moon to budha or mangla. Like this the energy flows. Like this sloka is written. You see they don’t put the order like this. Everything is so powerful. They have seen what is happening, they noted down and when they noted down they made  the one sloka and they program it. When somebody chant the slokha this energy should go to that person soul. Can you see this programming. How you see that software programming outside. Our body is like a computer. Our mantra or shloka is like a programmed software. When i started canting what happens, it starts installing in my soul. Once it is installing it starts downloading divine energy in my soul. When it starts downloading the divine energy, it starts burning the negative karmas of my life. When it starts burning negative karmas, outside i start seeing my problems are solving. That is the science, the technology of consciousness we call. So we call rishis as scientists, spiritual scientists, where they absorb. They absorb with the inner senses. Where they can’t see with the outside senses. For example they have given the names. How beautiful they have given names for these nakshatras. If you see anuradha. How the name of anuradha is given to it. So beautiful. The quality of that nakshatra. Its vibration. Its  energy, the feel the experience and what that vibration bring that sound. That sound they catch hold in their mind and they say that this is anuradha. They have not given just for the sake you know. Now you see know in the computer , oh what is the good name?. Not like this. They see face to face.And experience its geometry, energy geometry , its vibration,what it does. And they group it 27 nakshatras. But it is not 27 nakshatras. It is 108 and beyond that.actually there are millions of nakshatras. We think only nine planets. There are more than 100 planets are there. Only they know that only these 9 planets are more closer to the earth, so they can help, what about the other planetary effects. How you are going to overcome.

How? That is where it is told in spirituality, Surrender. Lord krishna what he says in the end. Surrender to me. Because you don’t have eye to see what is happening outside. You don’t have eyes to see your own thoughts. What problem you are creating you don’t know actually about yourself. Leave about that even you don’t know what i am  going to eat. How it is going to convert into a bone, muscle, and blood. Do you know anything?. If you eat dosa, what time it is going to convert into muscle?. At what time it is going to convert into blood you know anything? You don’t know anything. You only know how to eat the dosa. And that is also very difficult nowadays. With mobile, with phone, and all the things. If you have a power to control your inner organs. Control outside world. How it is your life will be.very difficult. You would have died. You know heart is in your control. Mobile is coming, wait for me for 2 minutes, finished. So divine is given what is necessary. Other things are controlled by divine. Divine is so good, so compassionate. So loving that, that is the true mother and father. Real father and mother is shiva and shakti. Mother is breathing through you. Your consciousness awareness is shiva. When your awareness is gone you become a mad person. Yes or no? You forget your name also. If you forget your name and identity.what about this family, what about this world. Everything is dissolved. Awareness and consciousness, sakthi or power is sivasakthi. They are real mother and father. Outside physical mother we need to respect. Because they are representation of same qualities of siva and sakthi. We can clearly see them. Outside mother will take care of you when you are a child. When you are a baby. How she takes care? How much she has given love to you. How much she has done all of that. Even about leave about the human beings, take the examples of cats and dogs. How they take care. Even they leave their food for 2 days three days. Who teaches to them. Butterfly even if has to give a birth to its new baby, it has to prepare everything. Three months before only it will prepare and do all the things. Means this world is run by our supreme intelligence. This is supreme intelligence that is working. We need to understand that there is some power. Has such a great intelligence. Great awareness and it is so powerful that it can do all the miracles in the outside life, if i surrender to the same power, my life can be changed there is no doubt at all. Please understand. When you surrender to the real father and mother within you, your life will change 100%. Nothing can touch you. So that real father and mother we call it as siva and sakthi. Or vishnu and lakshmi. Brahma and saraswati. But there is only one consciousness, one energy and one soul. That is the ultimate realization of all the siddhas. Even shiradi says “ sab ka malik ek”. Ultimate experience is that is taking care of all. One become a 2. That  is shiva and shakti and that 2 become a 5, 5 become a nine, nine become a 108, 108 become a millions. And that become you know cascade of energy coming flowing controlling this entire brahmanda. And this cascade, 1 to 2, 2 to 5, 5 to 9, is what the sri yantra. You see that. 1 to 2 it become a 2. That is sakti and siva and then it go on multiplying all. So we call sri yantra as king of all yantras. Why it is. It represents how consciousness manifest into matter. How chaitanya become a energy. You know sakthi. How it become a jada. You know prithvi. So consciousness slowing coming coming coming coming and become a matter. The entire world. So shree yantra is a map how the siva sakthi you ——- now you are in the ——– . so it is complete map, cosmic map so we call it as the king of all yantras. Because the complete energy is there. Ganapathi is there one tatva is here. Understand the point . kali is here one tatva is here. You know tamo is consciousness. Lakshi is there one tatva is here. Saraswathi is there one principle or tatva is here. All principles. All 37 tatvas. All you know creative energies in one. Geometry. It is very very difficult to have it. So having this all in one we call it as the king of all yantras. Please understand. When sri yantra, i can invoke lord ganesha. I can invoke bairava. I can invoke kali also. I can even invoke muneeswaran.    I can invoke any kula devathas in this form. I can invoke any kula devathas happily in this form, why? Kula devathas feel empowered when it comes to sri yantra. Because it has all the tatvas.  So sacred energy. Sacred space. Every god, every master every siddha wanted to come and worship that. So if you have a sri yantra you don’t need to have so many yantras. so many you know different thing . prathikara she will come here. Invoke varahi she will come here. Invoke raja mathangi she will come. Invoke dus mahavidya shakti, they will come here. Actually this 9 avarnas is nothing but all 9 dus mahavidya sakthis are there. There 9 avarnas. These 9 steps, These 9 energy circuits is nothing but all the 9 planetary energies are there. Everything is here. Only thing is, what is needed in this twenty first century is right meditation and doing regularly with gratitude and devotion. And being aware of our negative thoughts and beliefs and energy brings the transformation. Is it clear to you . right meditation. Right mantra. Right guidance, at the same time. Begin aware of negative thoughts, negative beliefs, negative emotions ok, then if you become aware what happens, you start dissolving that.

If i see that there is a dirt here, if i see a dirt i can cleanse it. If i don’t see dirt here can i cleanse it. So if i am not aware that this thought, this belief bringing this job problem. This thought this belief not giving  me promotion. This thought this belief this emotion, making my health very bad. If i don’t have awareness, if i don’t see this negative energy, can i create a positive life so in western worlds, in eastern worlds, they say one principle, “eth bhavam that bhavati” or “thoughts are things”. As above so below. In the consciousness whatever it is there. That is created in the below. What is below? It is the matter. So whether you go to america. Same principle same universal law. You come to india, go to the upanishad and vedas, they say the same principles and all. Upanishads more of soul consciousness. About soul, athma, parabrahma tatva Parama Tatva they speak, where you cannot understand they speak with intellectual ability. Then they came down, then vedas, then they came down, even you cannot understand the vedas. Then they came down and started giving those understanding in the form of stories. Then become puranas. Now came down again you know, life principle you know, all the moral stories and all of that you learn in your school and all. So same principles they taught. Do good so you can experience good things. Do good means what?. Not only for outside persons. For yourself first. Yourself first. Doing good for yourself means what? Think positive about yourself. Feel positive about yourself. Have a positive belief about yourself. Accept yourself. Allow  divinity , allow other person who re you know positive people in your life. Then allow the great knowledge of the scriptures. Or the great masters. And apply them. Use your intellectual ability, intuition, apply it and change your life. So same thing is given to us. So what we are understanding here is the same thing. I am just teaching, i am not going into upanishads, bhagavad gita and all. I am getting the essence of that. I am giving you in the form of fact. Those facts are nothing but universal laws. That you understand apply and test for yourself and see the result for yourself. Once you see the results you become very confident. Oh this life works like this. Thoughts are things, only block i am getting is my karma. That karma can be erased with the help of srividhya sadhana. Can you see that.

Can you see the clear picture how the life is working. How the science of life is taking care of. So once we understand all this principles. Then we do the sadhana , doing sadhana means i accept that this sadhana help me. Because it is working on the universal laws of the energy replacement.

Higher energy replaces lower energy. Only thing is it depends on my karmic things ,how much i allow , how much i accept, how much i regularly do, how much i focus, that gives the results.

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