What will you learn in 4 days of Srividya Sadhana Workshop?

We are going to learn Srividya Sadhana in 7 Levels, where

Level 1 : Srividya Sadhana Level 1 Deeksha will help you to activate & cleanse your Chakras, Kundalini & all nadis in your body.

Level 2 : The Navakkari Mantra Sadhana given by Sadguru Thirumoolarji, helps you to overcome all Astrological Problems, Navagraha Doshas, Cleanse your Horoscope & all type of Doshas that you have been created ignorantly, unconsciously in your Past life or Present life.

Level 3 : The Navakkari Pranayama Sadhana where we not only cleanse, heal & energise our Chakras, Horoscope & Astrological Doshas, we go ahead and cleanse all our past life karmas that we have done knowingly or unkowningly. This Sadhana will invoke Siva & 9 Shaktis Energy to remove all type of past life Karmas.

Level 4 : Once we cleanse our complete being i.e physically, Energetically, Astrally, Mentally & by Soul level, then we are ready to receive Divine mother energy in an innpocent form, Pure form, child form i.e called “Bala Tripura Sundari” Sadhana. Once we cleanse ourselves we are ready to receive Divine Energy. You see we do Pooja in the Pooja Room, what we do first? We cleanse everything right!? We make the things so good so that we can invoke Divine Mother & do the Pooja in our Pooja Room. In the same way, this body is a real temple of you and is blessed by SivaShakthi. We need to cleanse, heal, energise & bring the balance, then we invoke the divine mother Bala Tripura Sundari. Seed form of Panchadasi & Child form of Lalithambika-Rajarajeshwari-Maha Tripura Sundari.

Level 5 : Panchadasi Mantra Sadhana. Once we receive Bala Tripura Sundari Energy, we are ready & prepared ourselves to go for higher dimensions & deeper level in Srividya Mantras i.e “Panchadasi” Mantra – 5th level sadhana will be there. This Energy will help us to raise our kundalini from Muladhara to sahasrara.

Level 6 : Shodasi Mantra Sadhana where this mantra will raise our Kundalini from Sahasrara to Higher Self.

Level 7 : Siva Soubhagya Shodasi Mantra Sadhana – As a House Holder we do not want to stuck here and there. We need to Balance, Heal, Energise, Cleanse & comeback to our day to day life and do the best in our World. So, we raise our Kundalini to our Higher Self, then we come back and establish our physical being & do best in our family life. This is the importance of 7th level of Srividya Sadana.

So these 7 levels are a complete Sadhana that will help u to remove all the Karmic baggages that u have created knowingly or unknowingly in this life & Past lives. So these are the 7 levels Sadguru Thirumoolarji has given that will be helping us to remove all the karmic things & to overcome all the problems in our life & any astrological doshas like Shani, Rahu, Kala Sarpa. These Navakkari Shakthis are so powerful that they are created only to solve your problems. Once you do this sadhana, you no need to worry about any other things in your materials aspect as well as spiritual aspect. These are the 7 levels that will lead you to Self-Realization & God-Realization. At the same time you will be manifesting your Desires. Because, these Srividya Mantras have a power to create & to manifest your inner energy & inner desires.

These Srividya Sadhana mantras are very powerful in Creating & Manifesting, which helps us to fulfill our Heart Core desires.

Most of the time we entertain many desires. Some of my parents desires become my desires. Some of my friends’ desires become my desires. Whatever I see from outside could be my desire. One of the main issue with us is to know What actually I want in my life? To know, what are my desires itself is a greatest discovery. In Siddha Mind Power we will be discussing and learning about all these things.

Apart from these 7 levels, we have powerful tools such as :

  1. Siddha Healing : Where we can heal ourself & others, we can energise ourself & others, we can cleanse ourself & others. We can help our family members also who don’t want to do sadhana. But we can help them, care them, we want to bless them by using Siddha Healing. Siddha Healing is a highest dimension energy of Sadguru Thirumoolarji that will help us to heal ourself & others. It has such a powerful pranas such as Panchamahabhuta Pranas, Guru Prana, ShivaShakthi Prana & Higher Level which is known as Paramathathva is also in this. When all these Pranas are in one energy, it can be used for different aspects & applications. I can use this to Activate the yantras, Activate the crystals, to Energise the dhoops & any spiritual material which I’m going to use in my life. I can Energise my complete Home, Cleanse the Vaastu of my home also by using Siddha Healing.

  1. Siddha Mind Power : 1 hour of Meditation & 12 hours we will be in mental plane. If we don’t know how to Control our thoughts, if we are not bringing Awareness to belief & thinking system, we create negative situation in our life. But the question is How to make your mind think positive? How to make your mind to be your friend? so that it can listen to you. Many times we say that, Visualize.., Believe.., Think.., act.., & then you create. So Inner reality creates the External reality, that is what we say Universal Law of Karma(Cause & Effect) – “Yad Bhavam-Tad Bhavathi”.

I want to be a good person. I want to become a fit person. I want to see these qualities in me. To visualize only is a biggest problem. Your mind don’t allow that. Because it knows all your secrets. It will not allow you to Visualize. If you don’t Visualize in inner world, you cannot Create in outer world. This is very important. We all know that just Visualizing, Imagining don’t work. We also have the Subconscious mind and it is 95% and Conscious mind is 5% and all these Universal law of Attraction that only works with the frequency of the Subconscious mind. So subconscious mind have all the positive and negative belief. If you don’t discover your belief you cannot Manifest & Attract the right thing that you want in your life.

We go deeper in Siddha Mind Power about the following things. What is Conscious Mind? What is subconscious mind? What is Superconscious Mind? How to align Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind & Superconscious Mind? How to communicate with Superconscious Mind? How to communicate with Subconscious Mind? How to control my Conscious Mind? How to make it as my Friend? and very important thing is How to discover what I want in this Life? This is very important if we are confused inside, then what would be our outside life in confusion. Know what actually you want in this Life? If I ask you that I’ll give you these 3 things then you should be ready to make a transition from this are earth plane, what 3 things you will be deciding?-You should have such a focused attention or focused understanding about your desires. At the same time you need to understand what is your passion about your life, otherwise you will not flow & u will not experience the true fulfillment, true purpose of your life.

When my 1 hour of meditation-where I Boost myself, Cleanse, Heal & Energise my karmic background and these 12 hours I maintain Positive thoughts, Positive belief and Positive feeling, then I am going to create a better, best life, the true life that I have been desiring from many lifetime.

  1. Srividya Havan : A very powerful Havan where we understand what are the Universal Principles & what are the Spiritual Laws behind the Havan. How it is going to help you and your family member? How it is going to help you and your surrounding? How you can Cleanse your Subtle energy, Negative energies, Entities and all of that with Havan. At the same time you bless your entire home with the Positive Energy. The nature of fire is that it Burns and Transforms the form, if I put the paper into the fire what it happens?, is the form of paper is same or it will be transformed? And our Siddhas discovered that if I put the Negative thoughts in that fire what it should happen. It should turn into Positive. This is a Universal Principal of how I can take a pure element that is already available on this Earth planet use it to burn my Karmas. And they have technology of Intention, where there is Intention there will be Attention, & where there is Attention there is a your Soul Power Energy. Its universal, so they wanted to troubleshoot the specific problems of your Life.

So, Spirituality is a complete path where you have to go through life time, but at this face of my life I have problems as I need to get promoted, I need to build my home, I have a court case, I have a marriage issue, I have health issues, I want to help my child in his education, my child brain is not developed, his speech ability is not good, how I can help him? This is why the technology which is needed for us is Siddha Healing, Siddha Mind Power & Srividya Havan.

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