“Thirumoolar’s  Thirumanthiram & Siddha Teachings – Sri Sivapremanandaji” 

In Thiru Mandiram he explains everything….he explains about:

when he started doing Navakkari Mantra starting with ‘ Shreem’ beeja Mantra for these many days, how Divine Mother taking the form of Shreem’Shakthi and had  given a Darshana to him.

He explains:

‘How I have done the Sadhana?’

‘On what chakras I have done the Sadhana?’ ‘How many days I have done my Sadhana?’

‘What is my experience ?’

‘What is the Darshana of the divine mother?’ His work is, something similar to how we do our Research and publish our research paper… one such research paperwork for yogic people. Tirumoolar published everything…

-all Ashtamaha Siddis,

-how we get it ?

-what he has done?

Thirumandiram is all these –  Yoga, Vedas, Upanishads, Siddhanta, Vedanta, Nadantha –  in one!

This is an essence of all the millions of years of Tapas he has done. He has put everything in one as a thesis book…

-describing his experience as the ultimate

– who is a Guru?

– who is a disciple?

– what is the relationship between a Guru and a disciple? …

…everything he has written!

He has written so beautifully about:

-what is Shri Yantra?

-what is Navakkari yantra?

-what is Shiva mantra?

-deeper level of Shiva mantras – sthula, shukshma, adi shukshma, karana, adi karana -He even goes beyond ‘SI’ !… deeper level

-what is Nataraja?

-How Nataraja can be drawn with Shiva mantra ?

-what is human being?

-How human body is a Mantra shareera?

70% of his book is only “Om Namah Shivaya”

When you read this, you even realise that it is not only Shiva mantra, it is Shiva Shakti Mantra!

He has given so many details! so much he has described deeper about:

When you chant –

‘SI’ what happens?

‘SI VA’what happens?

‘SI VA YA’ what happens?

‘ SI VA YA VA SI'( reversing Si Va into Va Si) what happens?

Whatever he observed as changes in the inner body and changes in the outer body, everything he has detailed!

How Shiva comes when you call? – all of this – he has described!

In what type of colour will he come when I call ‘SI’?

In what type of colour will he come when I call ‘VA’?

Such many, many details are in one book called Thirumantiram

Luckily we have some research Scholars who are doing research on this thirumandiram and have given a translation of this book from Tamil version to English version

Thirumularji knows this and he has made it very, very clear that you need not go through all of this.

He says he has given a technique and that technique is a crystallized consciousness of his knowledge, is it clear?

When you sincerely do the technique given by him automatically what knowledge is in thirumanthiram gets manifested in your soul! You see that?… he has simplified it to a level,  filtered everything and made a technique and given to you!

All you have to do is follow the discipline given by the master and automatically thirumandiram manifests in your soul!!!


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