Thirumular and 18 Siddhas work together

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji

Kriya Babaji is disciple of Bhoganath, and Bhoganath is disciple of Agastya Muni. Agastya Muni is friend of Thirumoolar ji. Bhoganath not only learned from Agastya Muni, but he also learned from Sadhguru Thirumoolar Ji many things. These 18 siddhas work together. It is a specialization of the Siddhas. It is not like “you are a disciple of Agastya Muni and I have nothing to do with you”. No, Thirumoolar ji goes to a disciple of Agastya Muni and teaches what is needed by him. Every master, these 18 Siddhas have one specialization, if you go and read about these masters. Bhoganath has his own Nava Pasha, preparing, using herbs and mercury, creating Alchemy, bringing the physical changes, physical body changes, chakras changes and all other changes as his specialization. Kriya Babaji has his own specialization as Nagaraj.  His connection to the Naga loka, his connection to celestial world, his connection to siddha loka, his connection to celestial world of Mani dweepa. He is a representative of all the things. He goes to Naga world, goes to celestial’s world and comes to Bhoomandala. He is the representative of Celestial world, siddha loka and Bhoomandala. He goes to Surya Loka, Chandra mandala. He has the power. All 18 siddhas have given this power to Kriya Babaji. He works for all the siddhas, he works for lifting humanity, he works for Shiva, he works for Lalita Ambika, he works for all. That is the specialization of Kriya Babaji. He learnt most of  the teachings from his master Bhoganath. Then Bhoganath directed him to do tapasya and get the knowledge from Agastya Muni “so that you can transfer your physical body to a golden Light. Then he (Kriya Babaji) meditated on Agastya Muni. Agastya Muni manifested and blessed him with the tantra, the way to make a transition from his physical body to golden light. Then he (Agastya Muni) blessed him that “you will eternally be known for your teachings, for your grace on this earth.”

So, he (Kriya Babaji) has been teaching Kriya Yoga, Srividya, Shivyoga and other. He is the master of all these teachings. You can get all the teachings through him. He is the representative and connection to us and all the Siddhas, whether Agastya Muni, Kriya Babaji is connected, whether it is Bhoganatha, Kriya Babaji is connected, where there is Gorakshanath, Kriya Babaji is connected, if you go to Matyasendranath, Kriya Babaji is there,  If you go to Nath Parampara , Dattatrey, Kriya Babaji is there. He is present in all this, and he is universally present, as he has taken the responsibility to lift the humanity in the east part of the world and west part of the world. He is preparing the masters; he is guiding the masters. He is doing all this invisibly. Maybe in future he will come, more manifestation, of Kriya Babaji, more manifestation of Thirumoolar ji, Agastya Muni, more manifestation of Gorakshanath will happen. As we progress, as more revolution is happening in spiritual level, down the line, we can have the Darshana of these masters. You can see their Leela with your eyes. So this master is manifesting. This (Kriya Babaji) is the main master who is involved with my teacher Sivakami OmAnandi. She started her spiritual journey with Paramhans Yoganand disciple called Bhaktanand, and then she connected with Kriya Babaji and then Paramhansa Yoganand. Her direct connection with Kriya Babaji, then from there she made connection with Thirumoolar ji. From there she got all Shiv-Yoga teachings. Her journey started from Kriya Yoga and then she realized that Shiv-Yoga is her path. With that (Shiv-Yoga) she realized Self Realization and God Realization. So, we have a connection with Kriya Babaji, we have a connection with Paramhans Yoganand ji, we have a connection with Agastya Muni, even we have a connection with Durvasa Muni, a powerful master. He (Durvasa Muni) is present now in Kanchi Kamakshi. He is taking care of all the Peetham. He is the present master of Srividya Sadhana, he is guiding all of us in Srividya path, Shakti path.

The masters are present guiding us. Kriya Babaji is guiding us. You will be surprised,  you will be meditating on Thirumoolar ji,  you will have Darshana of Kriya Babaji, you will be meditating on Thirumoolar ji, and you will have Darshana of Shivalingam. You will be meditating on Thirumoolar ji, Shiv-Yoga, Shakti or Srividya and you may have a Darshana of Lord Hanuman. He is also a great master. Like Kriya Babaji, he has been there before Kriya Babaji, taking care of most part of the teachings, he is the Guru Tatva. Guru and disciple tatva you can see in Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is Chiranjeevi, Kriya Babaji is also Chiranjeevi.  We have many Chiranjeevis; Thirumoolar ji is Chiranjeevi, Gorakshanath is Chiranjeevi. There are many masters who are Chiranjeevi who have taken birth for humanity. Their only task is to help humanity spirituality, than materially.

These masters are more involved in spiritual than material things. If you go on asking them for car, bungalow, etc. they will say “there are many mantras, go and get all of that. If you want to become a siddha, Join with us. This is a manifestation of Siddhatva. I want you to help, and I expect you to help others”. It is not personal individual guidance. They choose the person. Millions of people are praying to Kriya Babaji, but they choose the person who is ready. His (person) divine will is to help humanity. Do seva for the Humanity I want to help humanity, I want to teach, I want to bring healing to humanity”. Then your will is aligned to the siddha will, then you start receiving the grace of the master automatically. You are no more individual, you don’t think of your personal life, you think about humanity, then you start getting darshan of Thirumoolar ji, you start getting darshan of Kriya Babaji, they start guiding you. They know that you are prepared one and they guide you so that you can be good for their company (their work). See how a company does it outside, they pick and train and take them to their company. Siddhas also do it for their company. here the company s different, no salary, but greater than salary the satisfaction is there, the power is there, the manifestation power is there.

Kriya Babaji is directly connected to my teacher, Sivakami OmAnandi. She had a direct Darshana of Thirumoolar ji and Kriya Babaji with her connection. When we practice, literally, we get the guidance of Thirumoolar ji, Kriya Babaji, Agastya Muni, Gorakshanath.  All masters will come, you will be surprised, Swami Ramlinga will start coming and helping you. Power is not in technique and mantra. Powers is in Parampara. The Parampara holds the promise that you will get guidance from these 18 Siddhas, they will start coming to you, you just need to connect one Siddha, that’s all. Kriya Babaji is one of the great masters guiding us. Paramhansa Yoganand is still available, he is guiding us from siddha loka, in the astral world, in the dream he guides. Many times, he comes and takes the karma of our students. Paramhans Yoganandji is doing his work for us. All these masters are doing the work. Swami Ramlinga is so much concerned for the entire universe. He wants to bring the manifestation, the truth consciousness to every human being. He sacrificed his human body, converted to a light body, merged into the entire space, he is working in every atom. Swami Ramlinga has such a power, you cannot believe, it possible for a human to manifest as a divine and divine to become a siddha and siddha become a universal level manifestation in every atom, like Shiva himself. He is working day and night. it’s a process going on, things are going on, when all these masters, siddhas are working.  If you connect with Thirumoolar ji, Kriya Babaji will come, Agastya Muni will come, Swami Ramlinga will come.

Important thing for you is maintain the purity, in intentions in your Will. What you do inside and what you do outside. This is very important. These siddhas are giving more attention for Antaranga Shuddhi. They don’t see if u have taken bath or not. They see if your intention is good, thoughts are good, you Will is with compassion. They focus on these things. It is now how many Japa mala of mantra you are doing. That is the siddhi path, it is path of self-realization, awareness. It is a different path of the Siddhas. We are not focusing on Siddhis, manifesting material things. Here is it ultimate goal. Your will become ultimate Will of Shiva. When ultimate Will of Shiva works, automatically all Asta Mahasiddhis manifest. You don’t need to work on one-one Siddhis. That is the path we are on. More we meditate regularly, more we bring the cleansing, more we bring the Shiva Tatva.  We become siddha; we attract the Siddhas. Until now you see and read the stories, then these Siddhas will become a part of your life. You will be surprised how Thirumoolar ji comes and gives blessing to you, how Kriya Babaji comes and gives blessing to you. They don’t have to manifest in physical body, they just come in light body, you just feel their presence, you don’t need to communicate with them, just in silence you communicate, their consciousness communicates with you.  Then they will leave the space and after 3 days, one week or two weeks, you realize what is the message. To digest that consciousness to energy level, then it is coming to astral body, mind level, it takes minimum 2-3 weeks for a regular meditator. For those who are not meditating, for one month you will go blank. That is why they don’t give Darshana because their energy light rays are so high. You cannot believe, Swami Ramlinga used to cover his complete body. His light rays are so strong if he opens little bit comes it could burn the Naadi. If he opens his outer cloth, inside he is solid light. No body at all. He lived with that light body on this earth. People don’t understand him. People tortured him. Every moment he had only one thought. How to bring Shiva consciousness to earth, he never thought about his own sadhana. That’s why shiva came to him. Shiva himself came, Mahadeva, blessed and asked him to help humanity and become Shiva. He is doing that work now. The one who has sincere seeking for the truth then only he knows the value to the self-realized master. Getting the mantra yantra, you can get anywhere, but getting the knowledge of the truth is important which happens through the Siddhas. You have to find truth within yourself.  Kriya Babaji is involved Paramhans Yoganand is involved. My teacher Sivakami is guiding us. Thirumoolar ji is guiding us. Many knowledge what we get is not from the books, we get training from Thirumoolar ji. In dream he will come and teach us, in meditation he will give answers. He will do all these things. You should be sincere, accept, allow, surrender, then all this will happen. If not, then you will not allow these things to happen.

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