Trataka to deepen our Dharana Shakti

Sri Sadguruji can you guide us on Trataka to deepen our DharanaShakti.?

Yes, Trataka is very powerful! If possible, take one candle or a lamp and try to focus both eyes on the fire, candle or lamp and continue looking at the same as much as possible. When your eyes are getting hurt, close them for a few seconds and again open your eyes and watch. This is how you need to do Trataka (or) you can do the Trataka on Sri Yantra (Bindu) – Keep looking at the Bindu as much as possible (or) you can do Trataka on Tirumoolarji – just sit and look in the eyes of Tirumoolarji (or) you can look in the eyes of Latambika which is also another approach. If none of these are possible, you can simply focus and watch on the tip of your nose.

Whatever you focus, you become that. If you focus on the eyes of Thirumoolarji, then you are touching the Soul of Thirumoolarji. If you are focusing on the light of the fire – outside it is fire while the inside, it is awareness. When you focus on the fire, your inner awareness activates. When you focus on the Bindu of SriChakra, then your Sahasrara Chakra or the Shiva Shakthi Oneness awakens in you. So, whatever you focus, the same will be activated within yourself.

When you are focusing on the tip of the nose, it is the merging point of the Surya and Chandra nadi which is the point of Sushumna. Therefore, you are activating and raising your Kundalini. All of these approaches, you can start every day, starting say 2 minutes a day and increase to 5, 10, 15 etc. according to your comfort level. This takes a long practice of many weeks.

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