Travelling to Siddha Loka and gaining knowledge during sleep

Guruji, you have spoken in your lectures about traveling in sleep to different world and gaining knowledge from guru (like the night classes). Does such travel happen on need basis by the grace of guru or is there any guiding technique to master this art similar to the guided meditation using which you took us to Siddha Loka?

Yes, there is a technique where you need to learn how to go with your Subtle body. During Guru Poornima, we visited to Sidha Loka through Soul travel. In this approach, we utilize our Astral Body, Mental Body and Energy Body as well in order to learn and observe the teachings from the Sidhas. All cannot follow this process.

If you want to learn, before going to sleep, make an intention to Thirumoolarji by lighting a lamp in front of Him or Dvine Mother. Then, ask Divine Mother or Thirumoolarji – Please take my subtle body to your Celestial World (Manidweepa or Sidha Loka) to teach me to the higher level of consciousness that I am ready for. Do this Sankalpa every day by lighting a lamp and at some point you will start getting dreams and sometimes you will see vivid dreams which is called lucid dreams where you know it is no more a dream – your subtle is there along with Thirumoolarji and that you are learning. It takes some months for you to practice this technique. But, start with intention and prayer to Thirumoolarji and Lalithambika and slowly ask Thirumoolarji to teach you the techniques that are needed to take you to the next level of Soul ascension. Then, both Thirumoolarji and Lalithambika will guide you for the same.

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