Tricks of Mind- Be Aware

-by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji


This mind never stops. What? How? Why? You know, these are the tricks of the mind.

Srividya Sadhana! What is Srividya Sadhana? How to do the Srividya Sadhana? Why Srividya Sadhana? This that! Mantra, what is mantra? Why mantra, how mantra? Anything, anything you see mind will come and go on putting the question, question. And you have to answer you know. It gives one question, you start searching you know. You will go to the Google you know, Jagat Guru. Google is Jagat Guru, accepted by all nations you know. Accepted by all nations. You go there, you search and get the information and all.

So mind make you and tricks you to go and study the book. And when you study the book and get the answer, do you think you will be happy? No. It will ask one more question to you. It will make you seek only. To make you seek but not complete. Nature of mind is to distract you from your own source.

Please understand, the nature of mind is to distract you from your own source that is your soul.

Once you come under the guidance of master, master will teach that these are the mechanism of the mind. Don’t be fooled, meditate, practice. Practice is more important than reading the books. Otherwise this 5% is mind, 95% is a subconscious mind. When are you going to clear the subconscious mind? If you don’t practice, impossible.

So, meditate, meditate, meditate and try to whatever the question, postpone it. I surrender to the Divine mother, my only goal is self-realization, to know myself. First I want to know myself then all other things.

Until and unless you don’t have that realization, you will not sit for meditation. I have seen people sitting in meditation, suddenly one question will come and they will go to the google you know. Now everything is in mobile you know. In between, mobile will be next to that meditation. Oh this! And once they entered the google you know where they go they don’t know. Where they go, w here they enter, where they land, they don’t know. It happens like this. You know if you see your own history of the web search, you see that where you are and where you are going. It is something, somewhere you gone there. So it is very important we need to control that, we need to control our mind. We need to control that search button. Otherwise you go on searching and searching. But you go on searching all other things except yourself. Outside things you know, but what about you? Who you are? This is what is happening. You know Srividya, you now Kriya yoga, you know Siva Yoga, you now this mantra, you know that mantra, all of that. But who you are? And you go to this Google, Jagat Guru does not give answer. Who am I, put in google ok. What does it say? Only the notes will come. Who am I, the technique, Vedanta, Neti-Neti all that will come but it will not answer who you are? Yes? That is where you hit, and real question starts there. Then that desperation will start. Google is not giving answer, book is not giving answer. Ok? None of the workshops are giving answer. You see that. None of the outside tools giving answer. Now where you have to search it? Inside. The real question cannot be answered by anyone. Even I cannot answer for you. Because of have to know this. Even I answer it, it is going to be only your intellectual understanding. It is only intellectual knowledge not real knowledge.

I have to experience from my own inner self. That is my first-hand experience. Then only that is realization.



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