VKG shorter & longer mantra difference!

By- Sri Sadguru Siva Premanandaji


I am doing Srividya Sadhana and VKG sadhana regularly apart from the daily sadhana. I am getting a strong desire to do VKG mantra japa throughout the day. But I am facing difficulty chanting as the VKG mantra is long. In one of the videos, you mentioned the Sri Vancha Kalpalatha Ganapathi mantra’s short mantra. You mentioned that those who are initiated in VKG sadhana could chant this short version. So, I just want to reconfirm if I have permission to chant a short form of the VKG mantra during day-to-day activity? If yes, then can you please tell us something more about this mantra and can we get a similar result to the long VKG mantra?

Many people have a problem memorising the mantra, especially when it is long. So, I have given the shorter version of the VKG mantra so you can chant that mantra during your day-to-day activities. But, you cannot compare the benefits of the longer mantra with the shorter mantra. The shorter mantra is like a seed, while the longer mantra is the tree. When a seed grows into a tree, the tree gives more benefits. Hence, the longer VKG mantra will give more benefits.

So, you choose what is best possible for you. The shorter version cannot give all the benefits of the longer mantra. If this was the case, I would have given only the shorter version of the mantra. The VKG sadhana is very powerful, and if you memorise it properly and chant it for one or two months, you will definitely be chanting the VKG longer mantra automatically. This mantra has a lot of benefits because this mantra has all the Shaktis of kuber, Ganapathi, maha mrityunjay, Gayatri and divine mother, lalitambika and Bala. I cannot explain the power of the mantra. Even the kaar-siddhi and uchchhisth maha Ganapathi, all Shaktis are in one mantra, so give some more effort from your side to memorise this mantra. But if it is not at all possible, do the shorter version for japa because it will boost your VKG sadhana; that is why I have given the shorter version. Because when you are doing the sadhana regularly, and you do the japa, you are holding that energy in seed form, so the VKG benefits will be better.

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