What is best way to heal our relationship when forgiveness is difficult?

by Sadguru Sri Sivapremananda


Q:Guruji I am very angry at my mother and we have a bad relationship, I had a lot of childhood trauma and although this is my karmas i have found it impossible to forgive her and feel hatred towards her – what is best way to heal our relationship? I already moved away from home.

A: You see that whenever something that is not possible for you that is possible to the Divine Mother ,that you need to understand you pray to divine mother ask her interference you pray to Thirumoolarji  ask his interference or another best way is whenever we conduct group meditation make a sankalp you know pray to Thirumoolarji and  lalithambika mother Iam  sitting for this group meditation I want to dissolve all the negative energy cords between me and my mother I want to forgive her completely at subconscious level energy level because I want to progress on the path of self realization God relation with that negative energy cord I don’t want to create one more lifetime with my mother in the next Life OK so I want to finish up in this life make a clear sankalpa then you attend the group meditation during group meditation we are doing actually  all this I am dissolving(Negative cords) bringing the Shiva ganas bringing the khadgamala devatas bringing the Thirumoolarji and mother consciousness energy asking them to dissolve the negative energy cords of our students , remove the obstacles that are creating a hindrance from their subconscious mind from their Pitrus from any past life doshas  that is not helping them so what is the intention of group meditation this is to lift you that you cannot do it individually for yourself that is where the group meditation will come where we take the help of Satguru Thirumoolarji we take the help of 18 siddhas we take the help of Shiva gana Shiva Paramatma you take the help of lalithambika her adidevatas anga devatha pratyanga Devatas yoginis okay,Khadgamala devatas everyone will be present during group meditation it is not ordinary event im telling you it is very very very powerful event you know very very powerful you cannot get such blessing anywhere on this earth that especially at this time where we are going with a great transition period okay make yourself available coming to the group meditation make the sankalpa and things will be be taken care that is also one of the way to bring the healing for you okay.

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