What is Self-Realization and God-Realization

by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

Many people don’t know what is Self- Realization. You know, they say Guruji you talk all the time about self-realization but what is self-realization and why do I need it?

If you don’t know who you are then how you know what powers you have? If you don’t k now who you are then how you k now what actually you want? Got his point? If you don’t know you are a powerful person then what happens is you act as a powerless person. If you don’t know you are so powerful, the miraculous person, you can create anything. You have infinity power behind you that can help you in every step of your life then how you cannot be. You don’t know your true self, your powers what happens? You worry, you will be having negative thoughts, you are frustrated, you feel that I am powerless, I cannot create, everything is destined, I am controlled, and not living my true life, I am not happy.

You see that, how important it is to know yourself, to know your powers. Then what happens? It will lead and make your life more beautiful.

So, Savikalp Samadhi. Self- Realization means that I realize I am not a body, I am not a mind, I am a soul.

Once I realize that what happens? I know that I am soul, so what could be other people? They are also soul. Yes? So what happens? I don’t see them as a body, I see them as a soul. You see that? Then I have a understanding that I am made of a soul, other people are also made of a soul. So what is difference between me and them? Nothing! We are Vasudeva Kutumba. Right? Vasudeva Kutumba. There language problem will go out, all castism will go out, all the religion will fall down. This all. All the international borders also dissolve. You become Universal.

Then at the higher level, as you progress from self realization to god realization from Savikalp Samadhi to Nirvikalp Samadhi what happens? You realize that there are not many souls, there is only one soul, there is only one energy, and there is only consciousness. That is what is God Realization. Nirvikalp Samadhi. So in that case you say Aham Brahmasmi!. Aham Brahmasmi! I am not telling this body is Brahmasmi. I am telling, we are one. And that one is the COMPLETE. That one is the WHOLENESS. That one is what I AM. I AM THAT. OM TAT SAT. So that is Ved Vakya, that is experience, that is what Srividya gives you.

If I read it, very difficult- my intellectual understanding cannot happen. If I experience form within I tell you, you drop all the things. You become universal being. You know that whoever exists they are all part and parcel of that oneness. So we are one. And then it happens even that I AM THAT. I AM THAT. SO that wholeness starts acting in the human then you become a Divine. Then you become a Divine. So you are not acting as a simple human, you act a whole, as a complete.

It is something. In the beginning you know I am bubble of the ocean. I am bubble of ocean. Then once you realize that everything is same, then you realize that bubble becomes the ocean. Bubble becomes the ocean. How you walk at that time, in that realization, you are all powerful, all knowledge, all truth, all is given to you.

So all Masters say go for this. Don’t just run for small-small things. Become That. Become That. So the moment you realize that state of consciousness is what we all Veda Anta (Vedanta). It’s the end of all the knowledge. Vedas means Knowledge right? But knowledge has to have one end, limitation. So when it is going to end? It will start with you, it is going to end with you. So, what is the path, what is the goal? YOU! Path is YOU, Goal is also YOU. If you don’t have this realization what happens, you will be running only with mantras, you either run with this God and that God.

So Srividya is the path that will give you atma vidya, brahma vidya. Atma Vidya is nothing again but Self-Realization. Brahma Vidya is nothing but God Realization.

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