What is the meaning of “Na Ma Si Va Ya”- Shiva Mantra?

By Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji


Tirumularji says, “Na Ma Si Va Ya”. ‘Nama’ means Jeeva Atma, ‘Siva’ means Paramatma, ‘Ya’ is for yoga between the Jeeva and shiva. This is what we call “Na Ma Si Va Ya”. So the mantra itself tells what the goal of shiva yoga is. “Na Ma Si Va Ya,” tells that you are here as a Jeev Atma, and you need to experience Paramatma. The moment you experience the Paramatma as Siva, you experience the oneness, i.e. yoga and you as a Jeev Atma disappear, and you become Paramatma. I am that om tat sat.

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