When we progress with sadhana, why does our mind create more disturbance?

Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji


When we progress with Sadhana why does the mind create more disturbance, how to silence it?

You see, in the beginning when we begin with Sadhana, many thoughts from outside will come. But as we advance many thoughts from your karmic layer releases. You see that.

In the beginning from outside you are receiving in the advanced level from inside you are releasing.

So whether you are advanced or beginner you should understand, you should not worry about the thoughts. You should know that be aware. Be aware that this disturbance is there but it is not going to dominate me. So being aware and understanding this that you know in the beginning outside thought and as we advance inner karmic layers that release is happening, so those thoughts are coming into your consciousness and you could able to feel that disturbance. In both cases it is happening. So you need to understand this first, first thing is it is happening. Ok! Release is happening. Second this is you should be gratitude for that. As you advance, release is taking place. Third thing-understanding, aware of this, and not to be attached with this (not to give attention to this). Is it clear to you? Many times more challenges will be coming because more highest lesson is there in your life. Sometimes, surrender is highest lesson. Sometimes we hold things, I only do it, I only do it, so we hold the things. Sometimes I use my money, I use my friend circle, I use my intellectual ability. I put all the effort but still I don’t surrender. Then your mind is too much disturbed. Even you cannot sit and meditate. You fight with Divine mother, why it is happening to me.

So, we will be having many lessons to be learnt on the path. Otherwise we cannot master, otherwise we cannot make a transformation of the body, mind and inner senses. So it is very important. We should not be distracted by this. Only thing we need to know that mind is like a child, it is taking energy, attention and power from my soul, I cannot control it, but I just be aware and focus, shift my attention to my work, to my sadhana, to my mantra, automatically mind is controlled. You should not force it. You see it as a child. You see when you have a kid, very naughty kid, he does all the things. But you have accepted him know. That it is a child. Even when it put the fire, it broke the things, are you become upset with that. No! You know that it is my child, It is ignorant, it is doing. I should not be disturbed. Mind is like this, I am telling you. It is your true child. Before having a physical child you already have a mental child. It is there with you from childhood. It is creating a positive as well as negative. So don’t be distracted by this. Just be aware of it, you know, all the things, and come back. When you become aware, when you understand this principle automatically silence will come to you. You are not disturbed by it.



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