Why I am running away from non-vegetarian meals?


Q:Guruji, lately I am unable to sit longer for meditation as I am feeling heavy (energy) quite frequently and I started dropping & increasing the sadhana as per your guidance in the previous Q n A session. Lately, I am having difficulties having outside meals, especially meats. I am throwing it out if I force myself to consume it out of no choice. Medical check-up shows no issues with my health. I have started running away from non-vegetarian meals except for selective home cooked food?

A:It should happen it should happen as you progress to the higher level of consciousness you attract the higher level food higher vibrational food ,the higher energy food so from inside out change will start happening see that in Srividya sadhana in the workshop I don’t put any condition eat whatever food you want have a whatever lifestyle you are having alcohol have it you are sexually active be that whatever your lifestyle I don’t put any condition for you okay because I know that if you are a sincere regular true changes that is needed in the outside life automatically happens you don’t need to force them to bring got this point so in your case what is happening first thing is you are very sensitive to energy this I want to tell you second thing is you were past life has a very very good spiritual connection this also I would like to tell you with confidence okay so you are not a ordinary person like a normal day to day householder know your capability to receive and connect to the divine is very strong and you are meditating less also you are getting too much energy and receptivity it shows you know connection between your soul and divine is very strong connection between you and you know guru parampara is very strong its  shows and now this divine is manifesting in you and When divine is manifesting in you it won’t allow you to eat the food that is not vibrating with that consciousness is it clear to you it is not a problem it is a blessing for you okay as we ascend our thinking will change as we ascend our speaking will change as we ascend our perception will change as we ascend because of the sadhana our behavior will change as you ascend our even communication will change earlier we used to gossip like anything as we meditate we become more inside as we meditate more you will be dropping more outside activities like shopping mall going to the party eating too much food everything will drop because you are receiving a lot of prana a lot of contentment lot of enjoy and divinity within you you don’t seek outside okay that’s what happening to you  you know saatvik it is a blessing for actually that is you don’t need to worry that it is a health issue it is because of your ascension you are attracting the right food your body is your body has its own intelligence it is rejecting very clearly okay it’s a blessing actually.

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