Your Devotion, Surrender, and Intention for Oneness with Divine is more Important than any rules!

by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

In Dus Mahavidya you see, we have 3 times, Aim Klim Sauh. Other Dus Mahavidya mantras minimum 9 times. And Guru Mantra 16 times we have to chant. Like this we have. And also the order is given. You know first this, second is this. He is asking if we couldn’t able to chant that with those numbers or if we skip between any of those mantra chanting then what we can do? Whether we can start from the beginning or we can start wherever we are. I suggest you to start wherever you are. Don’t worry about the order, don’t worry about the number also. I am telling you. Number game is for your mind. I am telling you. Why I have given the number. In the beginning you need it. Some set for your confirmation I have done this Sadhana. In the higher level no number. Just chant the Guru Mantra the way you feel, chant the Divine mother mantra the way you feel. Because that time your inner guidance is true guidance. Not the outside numbers

Bu number is needed in beginning where you feel it that yes I have done one japamala, then you feel yes I am happy, your mind will be happy. But higher level, no need of. Even order, this order is also not important. Higher level I am saying. In the beginning yes, you take care of the number. If you forget the number it’s ok. Don’t worry. If you forget the sequence, don’t worry. Just continue.

Know that this technique is just a tool to be one with mother. Ok! Your intention, your devotion, your surrender is more important than this number, this mantra and all. Ok!

What you want is, every time I chant, Am I feeling oneness with mother, Am I feeling the surrender, Am I feeling the devotion. Am I really involved or still I am thinking something else. Perfectly I am following the order but my heart is not here. My heart is at somewhere else, then it is not spiritual Sadhana. It is something mechanical that way. Important is your presence. Important in spiritual practice is your presence, your surrender, your devotion, to divinity.

And this Divine is not something else, it is your own soul. It is your own soul.



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