Advait & Dvait Shree Vidya Sadhana difference

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji


Dvaita srividya sadhana starts with you and divine mother. Advaita srividya sadhana. Advaita = what happens? No two. Who remains? Not you only Divine.

In self realization savikalpa samadhi what happens? You know that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these emotions, you are not the thoughts. You are beyond something people philosophically call it as a soul. Some people call it as consciousness but my mind don’t know. Athma, go on giving pravachana on Athma but you don’t know Athma. Yes or no? But you should know what actually is Athma? You need to ask yourself. What is this Athma? People say it is pure energy, pure consciousness. What actually this pure consciousness means? You need to search. Search, search and search. It happens to you and then you know that Yes! This is. Then you know what and who you are. Then you know that you are experiencing and merging in that consciousness. You are there, entire world is there. Still “I” is there. Seed is there. So you call sa-vikalpa samadhi. Seed is there. Sa-vikalpa samadhi. Seed is there. You are there. World is there. But you are not the body and this whatever is there its just there.

In nirvikalpa samadhi where you go? Self realization to God realization. What happens? What is the difference? There you know that only one thing that existed. You are also not there. In the savikalpa samadhi, self realization you are there, other souls are there. Many souls are there. In God realization, nirvikalpa samadhi only God is there. Only one consciousness, one energy, one soul. No more souls. Then you are at peace. Because there is no two know. When there is two you will not have peace. You will not have joy. You will not have bliss. When you are in nirvikalpa samadhi “Yes! I am”. No God, no guru, no you. Just oneness. There your journey ends. Until that namahshivay, namahshivay. Chalo wo karenge, ye karenge. Let’s worship this, chant this mantra that mantra, let’s do srividya sadhana, let’s do kriya yoga. You see it is all necessary. It is not that you don’t need it. All these are needed to learn the lessons of life. But ultimate your goal is your own divinity, merging with Shiva Shakti and becoming That. Words are telling that becoming That but truth is very different. You are the Truth, You are the Bliss, You are the Unconditional Love, You are the Divine Presence. Nothing is beyond You.

Once you realize that then what happens? You will not be chanting any mantra, you will not be doing anything. You will be worshipping yourself. Actually there is no two at all. No Divine, no you. Who is worshipping whom? It is very difficult to understand but I have to give you the global view of your sadhana. Your purpose, your goal, what is real spirituality, where you started and where you need to end. What is dvaita srividya sadhana? What is advaita srividya sadhana?

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