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“Today I want to tell one more very important thing. One of my students told me that – “Guruji, I have read about the apsara sadhana, I have read about the yakshini sadhana, I have read about the pishachini sadhana, bhootini sadhana, kinnera sadhana, and I am very much attracted to them. I found these in many websites and all and they say that these are very fast result giving sadhanas, and they are very powerful sadhanas, they can fulfil all your desires… And I am feeling more attracted to them so can you give deeksha for these sadhanas?”.

I want to make it very clear that if they give really fast result, I would have taught that than Srividhya Sadhana!

Yes or no? Its better right, to start with apsara sadhana – many apsaras are there already… I don’t need to work for life-lessons, Siddha healing, Siddha mind-power, Srividhya havan – I don’t need to teach all of these…

These apsara sadhana, yakshini sadhana, kinnera sadhana, bhootini sadhana – these are not really good sadhanas. And it is not true like they have said that it will manifest very fast. And it is not true that they will give instant or fast results as it is mentioned in those websites.

And these are the conditional sadhanas – not like unconditional love. And many of these sadhanas cannot be done sitting at home – please understand that. You have to go to some places, offer some things, and then you have to do it. Some yakshini sadhana you have to do under the tree. Some other sadhana you have to do in the well. Some sadhanas you have to do in kalyani, some under Bilva patra tree you have to do, some in cremation ground only you can do the sadhana. Some sadhanas you have to sit in the middle of the road and do the sadhana because those energies – like the triangle energies of Sriyantra – those energies will be there at that place only.

It is not as easy as it is mentioned and many people are fooling others saying that it is easy and offers quick results. And has any Master said about this? Did Shirdi Sai say – “Go and do yakshini sadhana?” or “Go and do apsara sadhana?”. Did Paramahamsa Yogananada say to go and do all these types of sadhanas? Or did Ramakrishna Paramahamsa say to go and do these kinds of sadhanas? Did any great Master or any Vishnu avatar say to go and do these kinds of sadhanas? No.

None of us really appreciate or encourage to do these kinds of sadhanas. And these sadhanas are conditional – means, in-between you have relationship with them – the relationship is like a human relationship – like a wife, or like a mother, like a sister – give and take will be there. And their lifespan is different and your lifespan is different. And their energy body is different – you cannot satisfy their needs. In the beginning you may do, but afterwards you cannot do it. In the beginning you may get some small things, but afterwards the same sadhana will become a problem for you. Then you will be running from this Master to another Master and asking – “Please disconnect this energy as I am not able to disconnect it!”

Some people go for nagas, naga yakshinis, naga kanyas and all. No. I don’t encourage my students to go for that and I don’t give the deeksha of those sadhanas. Please understand that, it is not needed. I know that highest, the best sadhana is Srividhya Sadhana. And people go on telling that it is very difficult to manifest Mother or have darshana of Divine Mother. But the opposite of this is true actually.

If you see my students experience – on the time of Deeksha only they are experiencing the energy, blessings, darshana of Divine Mother. Many of them experience in the first level itself. Some of them have tricky karmas also, have many lessons to learn and all of that. And problems don’t get solved like this – you see that? You need to understand why you are here. You need to understand for what purpose you are on the earth dimension.

You are on this earth dimension to learn the life’s lessons. In order to learn the life’s lessons – there is a problem. Otherwise there will be no problem in your life. If you learn the five lessons, which are –

  1. Self-Acceptance

  2. Self-Love

  3. Self-Care

  4. Self-Forgiveness

  5. Self-Awareness

If you have learnt these lessons, then done, you won’t have problems in life. If you understand the Universal Laws, you are done. If you are using the Siddha healing, Siddha mind power, Srividhya havan – you solve your problems faster than any yakshini, kinnera, gandharva, apsara sadhanas. Is this clear to you? So please don’t go for all those sadhanas, it is not needed. If it is needed, I myself would have given those sadhanas.

Even I am telling that Srividhya Sadhana by itself is complete. But people don’t have the patience. They are not ready to learn the lesson, they don’t want to do the self-analysis – Swadhyaya, they don’t want to meditate regularly – you see that?

And those other sadhanas are with promises – you come here, do this for these many days. And once the promise is complete, you have to do the sadhana again. Some apsara sadhanas are like, if you do that sadhana, you cannot even think about other woman at all. Not outside relationship, even in the mind you cannot think of another woman – even if you have lustful look for other woman, you will get problem with apsara.

Already there are so many problems outside, do you really need another inner apsara problem also? So these sadhanas are not needed at all. Most of these sadhanas are done by the aghoris, tantrics to help someone. For example, some person comes and I want to know what is his problem. I want to see his background. I take one yakshini to just see that person’s background and help that person. There are some yakshinis who want to help you in order to help humanity. In that case, I take her help to help another person. Not for making a million rupees.

Many people who really have siddhis, they use their powers for really helping out others. There are some who don’t even have mantras mentioned in any books – like Chitradevi, Vakdevi – only with Guru you receive the mantras of these Devis. And Guru will also give these to only that person who really wants to help humanity – there is no other condition for himself or selfish desire. Some naga yakshinis are there – they show everything, they even show the treasure. They show the person’s past, they show the person’s future. They even show what are the siddhis of that person and where this person lost his/her siddhis. Everything. These are needed for the Master who want to do some social activity, social service to help the students and not to exploit another person or get money or to hypnotize someone or do all of that. This is not needed.

Srividhya Sadhaks you have small problems – like money problem, health problem, relationship problem – these things can be solved by using simple tools – meditating at home everyday – and this is a lifetime activity! Please understand this. Problems come, solutions also come. Do you think that there is no problem in the 3rd dimension? Again, problems will be there! And solution also will be there…!

It is not only you have problems – even Gurus have problems! Your problems are different, our problems are very different… Got this point? I am telling you the truth that everybody who lives in the 3rd dimension will face the Universal law of Duality – you will face ups and downs in life. Positive is there, negative is there. Problem is there, solution is there.

But as I progress in the Srividhya Sadhana, with the help of life’s lessons, with the help of Universal laws, with the help of Srividhya tools, I see what is the real cause of the problem, how to solve that problem without worry, without stress, without depression, without losing my confidence, without fear, I know how to solve this. Then I balance my mind – problem is there, but I am not too much worried. Got this point? With positive expectation, I wait. I solve. And then I go ahead. Is it clear?

This is very important on the path of spirituality. And here, what is our focus? It is Self-Realization and God-Realization. Not just temporarary solve one problem with one yakshini. No. Again you will have another problem. For that you will need another yakshini. This is a life time activity so please don’t pollute your energy by connecting to those forces!

Once you connect with those forces, your path, for what purpose you have come here – it is going to get delayed. Or you may take one more birth for your jouney to experience the truth about yourself. So please don’t go for all of that. Meditate everyday – I tell you – Lalitambika is your own soul! She is more closer to you than any yakshini, apsara, gandharva. She is your soul! Please understand that.

Lalitambika is the Mahamaya working everywhere, She is the One holding the Pancha Maha Bhutas, She is the One holding the Navagrahas, She is the One holding the Nakshatras. That’s what Parashurama – the avatar of Lord Vishnu says that –

“Ganesha Graha Nakshtra Yogini Rashi Roopinam |

 Devim Mantra Mayinoomi Matrukaam Peeta Roopinam ||”

Meaning that Divine Mother is the Ganesha, Divine Mother is the Yogini, Divine Mother is the Navagrahas, Divine Mother is the Nakshatras, Divine Mother is the Rashini, Divine Mother is all that is! Why do you need to go here and there?

Scriptures say that Divine Mother is Navagraha Nayaki, Nakshatra Nayaki and all and ultimately what is your experience in Srividhya? Your own soul is Lalitambika, Rajarajeshwari, Maha Tripurasundari!

When you have your deity so close, you yourself is That, then why do you need to work for other things? There is no faster technique than Srividhya. There is no better God than the unconditional love Lalitambika, Rajarajeshwari, Maha Tripurasundari! Where She is waiting for you for many many lifetimes, not one life I am telling, for thousands of lifetimes She is waiting for you – “when my child will come back?”- She is always thinking this way about you.

We are just playing – one car, two cars, one bhk, two bhk, we are saying – “Mother, please wait…. I still want to manifest….”. Actually it is Divine that waits, not you. We think that why Mother is not showing up. Because of ignorance, no intution, no psychic abilities, I am not able to understand what is going on. With this ignorance, I am fighting with Divine.

Divine Mother is closer than anyone else. This is the best sadhana you can do by surrendering to Lalitambika, Rajarajeshwari, Maha Tripurasundari. “

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