Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji –

“Samadhi is not permanent. You have Self-Realization, God-Realization – they come and go. But once I go on remembering my state, again and again – this will become my practice of spirituality path. So you might experience the waves of energy, and there is the time where there is no waves of energy – you just feel the space, silence, just expansion, okay? – that is the state of the soul. These are the soul qualities.

Again you come back to the mind and energy – psychic qualities, waves of energy, light, sound and all. So you are travelling within yourself!

Soul level you will go and come back. Mind level you will go and come back. Body level, Prana sharira all of this is going on – up and down it is going on. But in all of that, you need to understand that these are all there, they come and go, but what is important is that my presence that is aware of all of this. Who is that? – “I am”.

I am aware of all that is happening and that is only the existence. If that awareness is taken away, what is the use of waves, what is the use of expansion and all? So that awareness is the ultimate reality, that I need to abide, I need to appreciate, I need to identify my truth, my reality. Then I go on remembering this – then what happens is that as we progress – you will no more start to identify yourself as the body, no more will you identify with energy, no more you are identifying with thoughts, nothing.

You just remain as knowingness – awareness, that’s all. That is what we say – Aham Brahmasami – So Hum – the One that is everywhere, it is also in me, I am That. So you reach in that, but it is still temporary in the beginning. But as you remember, hold it day to day – this is where again the mantra is needed.

Even “I am Awareness” is the mantra! So Hum is the mantra. Okay? So that is the state after Self-Realization or the practice after Self-Realization. Before Self-Realization, it is Levels 1 to 7. After Self-Realization, remembering, abiding within your soul. That is the practice. Until and unless it becomes so natural for you that you know that, in every activity – whether I am –

walking – I am not identifying with the body,

driving – I am not identifying with the body,

eating food – I am not identifying with the body,

but I am aware of all those activities…. But I am not attached to that.

Then, your karmas are zero.

And whatever that is happening, that is also zero – no karma. This will start happening.

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